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    New use for pot liquor

    I just use the peas cause they float so it is easier for them to be interested and chase them.
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    New use for pot liquor

    If I am every truely worried about them not getting enough to drink I will take a bowl of cool water and throw a handful of fresh or frozen - never canned) peas in it and take it to the coop. They can't help but chase the peas and usually drink most of the water while they are at it.
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    Ground Cherries

    We are talking about ground cherries and tomatillos being the same thing, correct? I can see the recipe, did you post it?
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    Ground Cherries

    so the fact that i planted 20 plants might be a bad thing?
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    Blueberry Picking Wednesday!!

    Ours go to jam syrup pancakes muffins more muffins extra muffins (I like blueberry muffins) wine
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    tomato sandwiches

    I like to get a big fat oxheart tomato and cut it about 2-2 1/2 in thick, salt and pepper, miracle whip, and bread. Followed by another one for dessert. :drool
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    bees in the bbq

    I have seen that before too. It is bad enough they killed off the bees but look at all the honey that they wasted too!
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    Not a garden topic, but wanted to share my energy $$$

    A lot dont realize that if you dont flush out your hot water heater it actually takes more effort to run it. It covers parts of your elements at times or insulates your gas heat from the water as well as taking away from the volume of your heater, not to mention rots out the bottom. You can...
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    I saw something somewhere that was charring them before using in a sauce but I can't find where that was. Also is there enough acid in them to not have to deal with pressure canning them? I am going to have to go look and see what BlueBall has to say about these.
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    blossom end rot

    I agree with Pat, However a $6 bag of lime will usually fix that and there is not a fear of too much if it wasnt calcium that you needed like if it is if you over fertilize and didnt need any.
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    It looks like I will have somewhere between half and 3/4 of a semi full of tomatillos. Why is it when you experiment with something that you dont really know what to do with it, it seems to grow better than anything else in the garden. I know there are several things that can be done with them...
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    blossom end rot

    Go buy a 50lb bag of pelletized lime and throw a handful at the base of all your tomato plants as well as the ones you are having problems with. If you are watering ease-up cause your getting them too wet but if it is rain there isnt much you can do about that. The lime will fix it but it will...
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    Favorite thing to do with tomatoes

    Got my first tomato about 2 weeks ago ..... wiped it on my shirt and ate standing in the garden, didnt even move.
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    WTB Brussel Sprout seeds

    If you are Sprout growers maybe you can help me. Mine wont ball up? They are making leaves sprouts but not making the little heads. I have cut off the plant stem and leaf like you are suppose too but they wont grow a sprout. What is wrong?
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    Radishes and squash

    Not sure if something else got to them or what but they seemed to die quicker this year than before with the radishes. I have lost all my squash, zukes, and cukes this year. :he
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    Blackberry syrup recipe

    I follow the sure-jel recipe for cooked jelly and double the fruit. Seems to work well for us.
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    Can anyone help me with my Grapes

    So if I prune them back now is that a problem? My last frost date was about 6 weeks ago. I am having the same sort of problem with the rot but I know mine arent getting enough air. Do I need to wait or do I need to work them over? Will it save the ones that arent rotting?
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    Jalapenos with no bite

    They are called Tem Peppers. I have grown them before to use for flavor in things when I make a "kid Friendly" version. They are quite fun to mess with people with too. Just remember which one is which before you hand out the hot ones to others and keep the tem for yourself to "just take a...
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    dug my first potatoes

    I wonder how well that would work with sweet potatoes?
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    GO QUICK!!!

    I was at Lowe's last night and they have 2 pack golden ras, black berry, rasberries, grapes, 40 plant boxes of strawberries for $5. I was up half the night trying to decide where to plants things before I go back!