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    Spaghetti Sauce processing times

    I don't know how to can anything, however do know the biggest risk of improperly canned foods is botulism.
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    Need Suggestions for Supporting Tomato Plants

    They dont' get that big in our cooler pnw garden so I just tie them to a 4 foot stake in the ground as they grow. There are two in buckets on the porch, that are tied to a rope up to the rafters as they are growing.
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    anyone else with orchids?

    I only have one cheap phal... I've had it 3 years? Maybe four. It grows one new leaf a year, and in the winter after chiling, it makes a big flower stalk with pink flowers. This year though, my birds knocked it over and broke it's flowers off. It lives in a dish of water. LOL
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    I'm so upset... I won't be able to make a green balcony this year.

    They said it would only take 2 months.... I figure I'll have it back start of september. That's about when anything other than leafy greens has finished up. LOL I'll probably plant spinich and lettuice for the winter.
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    I'm so upset... I won't be able to make a green balcony this year.

    Thanks for letting me share with you all!
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    I'm so upset... I won't be able to make a green balcony this year.

    Good news update! I took most things home that would fit, but just a few stayed behind. Worked with the contractors and they let me go onto the balcony to water. Not only is it the north side, it's now as far away from the sun as you can get. LOL Let's just say, yields are pathetic, but at...
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    Melon and zuchinni pollination

    Put in some forget me nots or other bee attracting flowers in pots. They'll find you pretty fast and tell their buddies where the goods are.
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    Tomato Tease

    Sounds about the same up here unless you babied a cherry tomato in the house starting in January. LOL
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    Got pony poop once. It was also filled with weed seeds. Chicken poop is what I use, but that's because I have those. LOL
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    Oh deer!

    Maybe mom deer thought that the best place to hide things were in plain sight! LOL
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    My bees have been poisioned

    Sorry about the spraying. We don't have mosquito spray up here, but lots of road grass kill sprays. If someone asks for no spray and maintains the grass, they don't spray. I would think if your bees got sprayed, the insecticide would kill them, however, I thought spraying for mosquitoes...
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    Huge leaves!

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    Now what to plant Zone 8a

    8a heat? Must be somewhere you can grow above mentioned items. :P Wish I had just a few hundred more heat days... as long as I have AC inside. LOL Some day I'll have to try okra. People always talk about it. I've never seen one in person.
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    aphids in the greenhouse!

    I just used soap to wash the sap and wax off the little buggers (apids) and keep them under control that way. Lady bugs did find us and laid lots of eggs, but then I ran out of aphids for them and I think some of the baby lady bugs starved before turning into lady bugs. I'm pretty sure that...
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    Is this rhubarb bolting.

    I ate too much because I like crust and doubled it up so realized I probably ate a quarter stick of butter and a quarter cup of brown sugar at one sitting without realizing it.... I'm going to die.
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    Is this rhubarb bolting.

    I just ate too much ruhbarb crisp here...
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    I have fennel, now what?

    Make pork dumplings! Mmmm.
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    Green Pea Advice Please

    Hmm... wish I had advice for snow and snap peas. We just plant them in mid march (they do survive a layer of snow for a few days) and they produce like gang busters all the way till mid july. Last year our summer was so cool they lasted till about august when we got our first day of 75F day...
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    I'm so upset... I won't be able to make a green balcony this year.

    Thanks everyone! I'm keeping tabs on the schedule and the manager has said he'll see what they can do with respect to deck access. The next 10 days will be to identify what needs to be repaired on our building, and then they anticipate repairs to take up to 2 months if it is anything like the...