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  1. Cassandra

    Need serious sciencey help growing shrub/tree

    As part of a project, I got the USDA to send me some seeds for two plants that grow wild where I live. I would rather have gotten transplants or bareroot bushes or something, but all they could send me was seeds. The thing is, in the past 10 or 15 years, the population of these plants has...
  2. Cassandra

    How to grow apples

    John actually made a request of me as far as my gardening goes. After canning some 20 jars of quince jelly (which he will not touch because he hates quince, even tho the jelly doesn't taste like quince) he asked me how come I didn't make any apple jelly. I told him it is because I didn't get any...
  3. Cassandra

    Winterizing help quick please :)

    Ok, it's going to be 25 degrees F tonight. I have some strawberry plants growing in plastic soil bags outside (they are doing quite well actually) What do I do with them THINK FAST! LOL Should I cover them up with leaves or something? :/ Cassandra
  4. Cassandra

    I just bought a pound of dividing onion sets

    I have been reading up on how to treat them. I'm pretty excited about it. Has anyone grown these successfully before? Got any tips? Cassandra
  5. Cassandra

    Who wants to play "name the bush?"

    I just posted a blog about this. It's the darndest thing. I have looked like crazy and not figured out what it is. Would you check out the mystery bush? I much appreciate it. Cassandra
  6. Cassandra

    Wormy fruit

    Someone gave me some quince today. I saw a LIVE worm in one of them!! :o How do you keep worms out of fruit, anyway? And is it OK to use the fruit where the worm hasn't been? I mean, with the quince the worm left an obvious trail. But if you wanted to make jelly, could you cut around it? Would...
  7. Cassandra

    Since we're on the subject of fence cleaning

    I have goldenrods. I would swear some of them are ten feet tall. Like towering goldenrods! They used to grow all over our pasture, but we've been mowing it this year. Now they are only growing along the fence. Is just pulling them up going to get rid of them? I do hope to plant some things...
  8. Cassandra

    Is this some kind of fruit tree? PICS

    No idea what kind of tree this is. Was on the property when we bought it. When I first saw it, it was about this time of year (two years ago) and I kind of wondered if it was a fruit tree. But it never gave any indication. There is another one of these that was totally blown down by hurricane...
  9. Cassandra

    Sugar maples and other maple trees. **Added Pics**

    I have what I am sure is a maple tree of some kind growing near my house (too near, but it was there when I bought the place.) I don't know what kind it is. But, anyway, I want maple syrup. And I have read that you can get syrup from different kinds of maple trees, but sugar maples make the...
  10. Cassandra

    Looking for two links I saw here

    Sorry, I can't find them. Maybe I am just being dense. One of them is a website for a guy who grows lots of fruit trees close together. He grows them like shrubs. And the other is for a family in California that has an urban farm on a small lot. Their whole yard, front & back is growing edible...
  11. Cassandra

    Accidental Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are growing all over the place in my yard and garden. I mean seriously and inexplicably, everywhere... even in garden beds that are filled with dirt I bought in a bag... I think mushrooms are cool (fairy rings!) and it really doesn't bother me. But... err... should I be concerned? I...
  12. Cassandra

    Growing under a tent

    I don't know what it is called when you build a little clear plastic tent over your vegetable beds so you can grow them in cooler weather. Does that make them taste bad like hot-house veggies sometimes do? I have never done it. Just thought about it. And weighed the pros and cons of having...
  13. Cassandra

    I need a good recipe for cannable tomato sauce using...

    Ok, I've found several pressure canner recipes for tomato pasta sauce. I guess that's marinara sauce, right? But they all seem pretty bland. (tomatoes, a couple herbs, some onions) I like my spaghetti sauce to have lots of stuff in it! Tomatoes Bell peppers Onions Garlic mushrooms herbs (basil...
  14. Cassandra

    Can I dry beans that are already shelled?

    Been shelling butter beans for the last three hours. Can I dry them in a food dehydrator? Any special preparation? Cassandra
  15. Cassandra

    Guinea Wasps

    I wanted to share this because I was shocked and amazed. I guess maybe some of you may think this is obvious, but yesterday was the first time I'd ever seen it and I was wowed. There was a paper nest of guinea wasps (they are extremely mean little things!) right by my office door. The young...
  16. Cassandra

    Steaming in a pressure canner?

    Now that I got my new pressure canner (woohoo) I am about to sell my old boiling water bath canner. I just can't afford the space for these two big bulky items that do the same thing. Anyway.. with all this talk about steam canners, it got me wondering. In a boiling water bath, you cover the...
  17. Cassandra

    Freeze THEN can?

    I'm getting a lot of veggies a little at a time. I end up putting them all in the freezer (blanch, bag & drop in the deep freeze) because I don't have more than a few pints at a time. I find I'm getting a freezer full of stuff over time. So, now that I have three gallons of beans, could I take...
  18. Cassandra

    Preserving food class

    The University of Georga offers a free online study course called- Preserving Food at Home: A Self Study I signed up for it. It took them several days (like they said it would) for them to set up an account for me. But they did get one set up and I started the class today. It's REALLY COOL...
  19. Cassandra

    Movin the coop "ONE more time" I swear... (asparagus planting)

    Ok, I reallyreallyreally want an asparagus bed. Per the directions in a book about planting vegetables in Mississippi, I should start them in January. I had already selected a small space of land along a sunny fence line and started working on it to get it ready to plant there. But I have had...
  20. Cassandra

    *Updated w/Questions* I got a pressure canner today!!

    :weee :ya I'm so excited! I have it at work with me. The UPS driver just delivered it today. I have been trying to think what I can preserve in it today because I can't WAIT to get home and try it!!!!!!!!!! Anyone have a recipe for preserved leaves and twigs? LOL Cassandra