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    Butterfly bush ?

    I have a butterfly bush that I need to transplant. Can I do it now or should I wait until Spring? It is in the 40's here right now.
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    Question about drying and roasting sunflower seeds.

    Okay I know several of you are probably going to have fun with this.But has anyone ever dried and roasted sunflower seeds? If so could you tell me what all you did? Thanks
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    I know it is here but can't find it.

    Okay I know it is here but I can't find it. I am looking for the rain barrel system someone set up that has 4 blue plastic barrels on a shelf. I have looked and can't find it now. I want to show DH so he can build me something similar. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Does anyone know how to dry beans?

    This probably sounds like a silly question. But I have a bushel of cranberry beans that I want to can and dry but have never done this with either. I have to hull them out. I can find it in my ball book how to can them but it doesn't say how to dry them. If I am not mistaken you have to leave...
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    Need a soil tester.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to make a soil tester. I went to get one and they are $16.00 and I am just to tight to pay that. Thought maybe some of you might have some good ideas.
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    Zucchini Dill Slices

    I canned some zucchini dill slices with Ball Koisher Dill Mix. Not half bad. Then I thought I am going to fry them just like the fried Dill Pickles. Yum. To me they taste better than the pickles.
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    Just curious.

    I am wondering if anyone still plants crops by the signs? By the signs I mean the signs of the moon. My grandfather and father planted their gardens this way. I can't remember all the signs. Was just curious if anyone ever did this anymore.
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    sorry this double posted
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    Pics how to post?

    How do I post a picture in my pages. can someone tell me how? Thanks
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    Vegetabe website.

    I just found the neatest vegetable website. Tell you all about planting and different dieases that attack that vegetable. University of Illinois Extension Watch Your Garden Grow is the name of it. Check it out.:)
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    Potato ?

    Is it to last to plant potatoes in N. Ky or S. IN? Would like to plant some potatoes but not sure if it is too late to do so. thanks
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    Deer are eating my tomato plants.

    Does anyone have a sure fire way to keep the deer out of my tomatoes? Other than a fence or dog. The little devils are eating the tops plum off and now are eating the blooms and small tomatoes. Help. thanks
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    Help Please!!

    My grapes are turning brown. They did this before. I was told to spray them. I did with Schultz fruit spray. Can someone tell me what is going on with them. They are concord grapes. Thanks
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    Transplanting Wild black raspberries and blackberries

    When is a good time to transplant the raspberries and black berries? I have new shoots coming up and want to transplant them to my garden area. Thanks
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    Peach Tree question

    I have a peach tree that was loaded with peaches this year. This is the first year we have really had peaches on it. The tree is probably 3 or 4 years old. The peaches are about the size of walnuts maybe a little bigger. They were looking really good. When I checked them today some of the...
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    Zucchini Dill Slices

    Has anyone ever dilled zucchini? I have made sweet relish out of zucchini so I figured you could make dill slices out of it. Has anyone ever done this?
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    Miracle Gro gardening book

    Have to share this with all of you. I found this book yesterday and it is packed full of information about vegetable and herb gardening. It is a little pricy but well worth the money. I have found out things I didn't know. Hope some of you have a chance to at least look at it. Happy gardening.:D
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    Tent Catapillars

    I have tent catapillars on my fruit trees. Can someone tell me how to get rid of them with out burning the nests? My father always burned the nests. Isn't there something I can use that will help get rid of them? Thanks