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    Soil Testing HELP?

    Pat has really great advice here! :D I want to add that the best way to know if something is wrong with the soil without paying for extensive lab testing, is to grow something. The way it grows will tell you what it needs. Short and stunted, yellowing, not flowering, flowers don't have color...
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    Anyone use Vermiculite?

    In heavy clay soils, perlite is of use to you in aerating the soil and allowing the roots of your plants to reach further. In a dry sandy soil vermiculite will help keep moisture around your plant roots. :) These additions will not change the pH of your soil. I have only been in one situation...
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    How come tarragon is so nasty?

    Don't forget that tarragon has different types just as fennel does! Not everyone likes the taste of certain types of fennel. If you don't like the tarragon and it isn't pretty enough for you, you could tear it up and replace it with something. Sorry I don't have experience with guineas or...
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    Our raised bed project (pics)

    Dilly, the plastic fibers in Trex allow it to go through years and years without any type of ill effect! This is wonderful stuff and I am convinced your dealer is wrong. I seriously doubt earth contact will do anything to it until you want to change it! I just didn't realize it looked so good...
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    Farmers Market

    The pricing problem is one of the reasons I decided to grow niche novelty produce this year and see the interest in it, then gradually add in the rest of my "commons" I've been growing for years. I will probably always make the bulk of my money doing delivery to older people who have the money...
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    Dried Red Tomatoes

    flint, I wasn't sure whether you meant canada, or Oregon. We do have warm dry summers, so we can dry things easily outdoors here. I'm unfamiliar with Canada's conditions though :D
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    What am I? Section for pics of unknown plants

    Plant ID can be a tricky and exciting experience. One of my favorite outings is to take a drive with a digital camera and several books to see what new and usual or unusual things I can identify at each stage of growth. I'm sure as the site grows and I'm POSITIVE it will. More people will come...
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    Dried Red Tomatoes

    In the oven I have set it to the lowest setting and used parchment paper. I intensely dislike the flavor of them after putting them on aluminum foil. It could just be me. A friend of mine uses nonstick baking sheets. Every half hour or so I would open the oven to let out the moisture and just...
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    Tool section

    I agree, a "supplies" area would be nice!
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    Apples without use of pesticides..

    We had an apple tree with really small apples as well when we bought this new house. i did not have the pitting problem, but the tree did have apple scab, and several other fungal problems severe enough for me to cut the tree down. The bark and pith smelled very bad throughout the whole tree...
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    Apple Tree?

    These are also sold in many places such as Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Costco and other food warehouses. I saw one in Kmart yesterday. :) I don't order live from magazines anymore.. been burned one too many times
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    Anyone tried fennel...

    When hot water hits fennel leaves, the composition of the phenols in the tissues change drastically, so it has a far different taste than anticipated. It works ok in sun tea, but there are better things ;) I love fennel in salads and wrapped around fish or vegetables when barbequeing.
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    Our raised bed project (pics)

    Those Boxes Look Fantastic. I'm not joking. I'm impressed! I wish I had the money to buy that material now. Good luck with the planting, it certainly does look good! :D
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    Some Very Basic Questions

    Hi there Sunny :D 1. Hardening off is getting ap lant used to being out in a different environment such as more sunshine/heat than it may be used to by gradually introducing it. 2. I'm going to let someone else answer this as I dont take any notice of planting guides ;) 3. No, you made no...
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    Pressure treated wood

    There are companies that do produce it with chemicals. As well, people often use scrap lumber or donated lumber, lumber found in barns, etc. These still contain the chemicals used to originally treat the wood. I am unconvinced that the chemicals do not leach out over time. Even if they don't...
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    Started Planting Today! DUW!

    Wow, great pictures! Glad you were able to get your plants in, looks like it will be fantastic :D We had snow this morning : shiver :
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    Pressure treated wood

    If it's just fencing I wouldn't worry about it. I don't use pressure treated wood for my bedding boxes or for my greenhouse boxes.
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    Rainwater Capture

    My plan for rainwater capture is gravity based with barrels up in trees on the property. I saw someone's uncle do that and it worked very well for him. Your post got me thinking about the drip irrigation though.... A pump hmm..
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    Well, what are you using it for? How big would you like it? What is your budget, and in what is your climate?
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    : groan : Plug tray babies were killed by yesterday's freak "hail storm" Starting over again today.