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    It looks like I will have somewhere between half and 3/4 of a semi full of tomatillos. Why is it when you experiment with something that you dont really know what to do with it, it seems to grow better than anything else in the garden. I know there are several things that can be done with them...
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    GO QUICK!!!

    I was at Lowe's last night and they have 2 pack golden ras, black berry, rasberries, grapes, 40 plant boxes of strawberries for $5. I was up half the night trying to decide where to plants things before I go back!
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    Black Grapes?

    My grapes are about the size of a large pea and they are turning black? Is there something that they need and arent getting? They are finally starting to produce and I hate to lose them all.
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    Organic Insect Control

    My boss is a full blown oganic man. He is just starting to do the "garden thing" and is doing organic raised beds. He is now starting to run into a pest problem and doesnt want to go the pesticide route. I am looking for suggestions to pass along. I am listing the plants and most of us know...
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    Strawberry Plants ........... No Strawberries?

    I have an issue. My Strawberry patch is going on 4 years old, and I will admit that I am not the best at weed control. BUT, I have several plants there but there is not any berries? I did see blooms but there are not any berries following? I know others in the area are producing right now so...
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    Combine Plants to Rid Enemies

    My mind is going in my old age. I have looked all over here and I am starting to think I saw it in a book instead. SOMEWHERE there is information that tells plants that you can combine to help ward off the enemy insects. Seems to me it had things like planting radishes under zuck and squash...
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    I am selling out - I think

    You people are a bad influence!!! I saw that HF 10x12 greenhouse and I think I NEED one. I have a 12x18 "hoop" house that is one like you would see put up for just the season and covered in plastic. The grocery store where I grew up always had one to sell veg plants from. I have always...
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    Honey Berries

    Any one ever grow a honey berry? I just planted 6 of them (along with boysenberries) and was wondering if anyone has good luck with them or what they use them for or how much to expect out of a bush?
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    Re Potting

    How important is it to repot your veggie plants? I am growing them now in a float bed and they seem to be doing fine. Do I really need to put them in a bigger pot? If I decide that I dont need the second plant that is growing in some of the spaces can I just cut it off instead of risking...
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    Turn off the lights?

    When do you suggest turning off or cycling the lights in your seed start areas? Mine is in a room in the garage so I have 100% control of lights, wind, and temp. The plants are up about 2 inches, so is it time to start flipping the switch? Had anyone ever used a plug in timer for the lights...
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    Transplanting Rhubarb

    I was given 3 very large clumps on Rhubarb and need to move them. Am I better of waiting until they start to grow leaves and then moving or do it before they start? I would also like to divide them out a little to fit in longer smaller rows to grow together more, so again should that be done...
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    My grapes are turning black and rotting on the bottom? It has taken all the grapes on 1 vine and some on the other. What is it and how do I stop it from happening?
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    Potato Bugs I HATE 'EM I HATE 'EM I HATE 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The little buggers are eating my tomato plants. I moved the potatoes to another garden to keep them seperate. STILL EATING MY TOMATOES!!!!!! :barnie :barnie :barnie :barnie HELP PLEASE! I will spray them if I knew what to use. No time to pick them all off.
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    Floating beds

    Does anyone here use floating "tobacco trays" to start plants? I have played with it a little this year and things have grown great, but then they all just die. I am wondering if it is root rot from being wet all the time or what the problem is. :hu I have not been but about 20% successful...
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    Who knows Poo?

    Ok This may sound like an odd questions but is there anyone that know where different animal poo's rate on the fertilizer list? Chicken,goat,horse,rabbit,hog,cow you get the idea. Not only things like nitro count but when you can use them or when they are to "hot"
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    The peppers won't grow.

    OK I have started several tomatoes and several more peppers. The tomatoes have come up about 90% which wasn't too bad for a 1st timer. However I can't seem to get the peppers to grow, hot or sweet either one. What do they need differently than the tomatoes? What am I doing wrong? They are...
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    Ok for starters I am positive that I spelled that wrong, sorry. Now for my question - Where can I find seeds or plants? I would love to grow some so I can try my hand at making salsa verde. Any Help?
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    Starting plants and have some ?????????

    OK For all you seed starters I have a few questions. I have made an indoor greenhouse in my garage. I have loaded my seed start trays with potting soil and a seed. Placed them on the shelf turned on the lights and turned on the heater. Now for the questions. Lights always on? How hot does...
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    Started a couple seeds today

    I am getting spring fever something horrible. I look at the snow and ice covered muddy garden and it drags me it got the better of me. I got out my seed trays and grow light and planted a started a couple seeds. I put out 70 tomatoes, 70 bell peppers, and 70 serrano peppers. I figure this...
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    How do you start a tree?

    I want to some nut trees. I am thinking of growing some from the a nut or pit? Any thoughts on how to get them started or is it as simple as burying to nut / pit? if so I have some questions. 1. Does it need to be whole and uncracked / opened? 2. Would opening it help or speed the process...