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  1. LauraLG


    Hello! Does anyone have experience eradicating bindweed from their property? The landscaping was completely overgrown at my house before I came through and began clearing it out so these weeds have had a lot of time to put roots down. They are everywhere! I’ve dug up what seems like hundreds of...
  2. LauraLG

    Overwintering container plants

    Hello! I wasn’t really sure where to put this thread so hopefully this forum works out well. I need some advice on how to overwinter my container perennials. I’m in zone 5b so we get pretty cold and this year we had a late frost in mid May (so frustrating). We also get tons of snow. I have a...
  3. LauraLG

    Strawberry plants and weeds!

    Thank you! I appreciate all the great advice. I’m brand new to gardening so feel free to ramble away! I need all the help I can get.
  4. LauraLG

    Strawberry plants and weeds!

    Hey there! New to gardening and I have a question for anyone with experience growing strawberries. I planted about 20 strawberry plants last year and about a dozen made it through to this year. I’ve actually had pretty good luck keeping the bugs and other animals away but I swear, weeding this...
  5. LauraLG

    Hello from PA!

    Hey, everyone! Newly minted gardener here from northwest Pennsylvania. I went through my first 40 years of life having never grown a single plant but after moving in with my boyfriend last month I’ve been thrown into the deep end. I gutted and replanted his landscaping and am looking for tips on...