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  1. marshallsmyth

    I'm alive

    The fires that Surrounded Santa Rosa didn't kill me, but the smoke was awful. I survived Guillaine-Barre Syndrome last February. That put me in the hospital for 3 weeks, and rehab another week. One does not get to say I HAD GBS. You have to say, I HAVE GBS. The neuropathy of partially healed...
  2. marshallsmyth

    Guerilla Gardening

    Howdy all, Since I won't have a regular garden again this year, I plan on doing a bit of BENEVOLENT GUERILLA GARDENING. Some may have never heard of guerilla gardening before. It's not as ominous as it sounds, especially when I plan on doing it as beneficially as possible. You know how...
  3. marshallsmyth

    Lost my garden, job, and home!

    Howdy all, I just found out my job is being eliminated and have 3 days to move. I'm sickened by this. Have no place for my cats. 5,000 dollars severance pay helps some, but meantime, I lose my cats, my garden, practically everything. I have a lot to do, and i'm nearing 60...
  4. marshallsmyth

    Arrowhead found while sieving soil

    When ya sieve soil, after each half bucket load on the sieve is sifted, there are rocks, stones, half composted sticks and such. Also, it averages about one nail and one other usually metallic object per bucket, sometimes something plastic. After all, a good portion of my soil comes from ash...
  5. marshallsmyth

    CRUCIAL! Annual Nagging Needed Early this year!

    I have so much winter garden preparation to do that I need to get my rear in gear early this year. Commence with your toughest nagging techniques possible!
  6. marshallsmyth

    Harlequin Bugs

    Do Harlequin Bugs do any damage in gardens?
  7. marshallsmyth

    For BobM

    Hay @bobm, The bigfoot family rented a place in some town in the Sierras and not one person noticed. As you can see, little Cindy Bigfoot has learned to be a regular teenager girl.
  8. marshallsmyth

    Got to meet NinnyMary today!

    It's probably not often 2 TEG members actually meet in person. I know Nacho and Vfem met. Today she drove northward up hiway 101 and I drove southward down hiway 101, and we met at the Luther Burbank Gardens for their Mother's day plant sale. Met her nice husband too. I felt kinda shy, trying...
  9. marshallsmyth

    Hoping More Folks Join the LITTLE EASY BEAN NETWORK

    We really are lucky and blessed to have among us, one of the original WANIGAN ASSOCIATES heirloom bean collectors, Russ Crow. Add to that, Russ Crow is right here in TEG, doing a REVIVAL of JOHN WITHEE's Wanigan Bean Collector Association. On the following message topic...
  10. marshallsmyth

    Not receiving Alerts

    Howdy guys, I've not been receiving any alerts for the past 4 or 5 days. I've checked. Messages have definitely been posted in threads, lots of them, that I should be getting alerts in my email about, but have received none of them. In fact nothing at all has been coming from TEG to my email...
  11. marshallsmyth

    Crossing Melons

    SeedO asked me to make a thread about how I used to do it. Here is basically a copy paste what I typed: Crossing melons is different than crossing squashes mainly because the flowers are smaller. If you are able to do it the same way as squashes with your coordinated hands, it is the most sure...
  12. marshallsmyth


    Getting to be the season for EVERYONE'S most favorite thing! :thumbsup :love PICKING THEM WEEDS! :love So, to make it EVEN MORE FUN, :ya we'll be having our second annual HULLABALOO weed picking contest. This time with REWARDS for the winners! K, here's how it works: Ya get a bunch of...
  13. marshallsmyth

    What did YOU do in your garden today :P

    Back by popular demand, the annual whadjado in yer garden today! Me, I'm working on framing up the south bed in the main part of my garden. I finished off all the mid thickness pecker poles that I had stashed and or was given, just a half hour ago. So tomorrow will be cutting a few pecker...
  14. marshallsmyth

    RAIN! SNOW! california!

    Last night there were a few drops of rain happening before I went to bed. This morning I awoke to a blanket of half an inch of snow which is now over an inch of very wet dense snow! Forecast for all week is for precipitation!
  15. marshallsmyth

    Solar Storm Bullseye on Earth

    Hey guys n gals, I'm on satellite internet here, and I already seem to be getting clumsy internet. Sometimes a page does not load completely. Probably from this solar storm. It's a big one, but more importantly, it was aimed right at Earth for awhile. Oh! Be ready with your cameras for NIGHT...
  16. marshallsmyth

    I need my annual NAGGING

    I keep putting off getting to work preparing the garden for 2014. Some of y'all know I'm a single ole Neanderthal in the woods with no woman here to nag at me to get in gear. This year I have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER! I don't have that BUBONIC FLU like last year, the snow has not torn my netting...
  17. marshallsmyth

    North California Drought

    Here is the Santa Rosa Press Democrat's news about the drought we are having:
  18. marshallsmyth

    Thank you Thistle and Digit!

    Thank you for the money you didn't need to send Thistle. I'll keep that in my glove department in my car for emergency spare. Those Gaspe flint Corn seeds are some of what I grew. I have part of a coffee can full from less than 2 dozen plants in the 2012 garden. Funnest and quickest corn to grow...
  19. marshallsmyth

    Speaking of Olives, JackB

    Just thought I'd link an article about the Olive orchards around here.
  20. marshallsmyth

    California: Driest Calendar Year On Record!

    The photo in this article is the next reservoir down in the complex water system of which the lake I live at is the furthest upstream reservoir. Lake Pillsbury is equally low.