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  1. dickiebird

    Weather Prediction

    We seem to be getting a lot of snow, actually the first big snow of the season. What frosts my snow balls is at 10 PM last night they were all over the map with their predictions, no snow, ice & snow, 10" to the North, 1" to the North, You get the picture. I wish that during my working days I...
  2. dickiebird

    Started My 2019 Plants Today

    Actually I did my pre planting routine on Friday when I filled my growing cells with potting soil. I have a bunch of Jiffy grow trays and I fill used 4 cell containers with soil. I place the containers in the grow tray with the soil in them, then I fill the bottom of the tray with water and let...
  3. dickiebird


    Earlier this year I started a bunch of my garden plants, well today I started repotting some of the larger starts. I tried starting pumpkins and cucks, they are by far the largest so far. I used 20 oz. styro cups for their new home. In the past I went up to 8 oz. cups and then to 32 ozers. I...
  4. dickiebird


    I'll try this again, since it looks like I can post a pic now. Here she comes!!!! THANX RICH
  5. dickiebird


    Springofthelivingdead has a post up on a plant she needs ID'd. Where is a web sight that a person can go to and ID plants? My problem is I can't get the pic I have of my plant compressed small enough to upload on here. THANX RICH
  6. dickiebird


    Well Sat night was our 1st killing frost. I got lazy Sat and didn't pick the last of my okra. Boy was that a mistake, there was over 2 lbs of okra that got ruined. THANX RICH
  7. dickiebird


    WOW, I just logged on and opened the recent post area of the forum, and low and behold valley ranch only had 12 of the posts on the page!!!! THANX RICH
  8. dickiebird


    I've been harvesting asparagus for a little over a week, but of course that's from an established bed. Today I put in 3 30' rows of okra and 4 30' rows of Blue Lake bush beens. Last year I did about the same and the okra never got over 4" tall and then died out. The beans were prolific in their...
  9. dickiebird


    Last year I started most everything too early and the plants got too gangly. So this year I made Jan 1 my "go to" date, we'll see how that works out. So far I have my potting bench cleaned off and a tray of plugs soaking, by this evening I should be able to sow some seeds!!! THANX RICH
  10. dickiebird

    Killer Frost

    We got our 1st frost last night. Went out and picked the last of my 'maters and peppers, found a couple of peppers that were hidden that had grown to be quite large. My friend, that's been buggen me for green tomato to fry, should be happy tomorrow. THANX RICH
  11. dickiebird


    Well today I attached a busting plow to the rear of my tractor. I cut a test furrow to see how the soil would work, looked just right, so I commenced to plant about 5# of potatoes and 50 bare root strawberry plants. I have another 50 strawberry plants in 5 gal buckets out in the greenhouse. It...
  12. dickiebird


    Kind of an update. Last winter I did an entry on here about how I start seeds and I posted some pics of the different steps I take as the plants get large enough to go in my green house or the garden. I said I would try and keep updating as the season goes along, well here's where I'm at now...
  13. dickiebird


    I was watering plants in the green house this afternoon and noticed about 25 tiny brand new tomatoes on my plants. I've been checking everyday and I had plenty of blossoms but no developing fruit, well that all changed today. I should have ripe ones by July 4th.....I hope!!! THANX RICH
  14. dickiebird


    Here's a nice You Tube video of basic seed starting procedures. He has a large collection of posted videos and in the past has had a huge garden, but he seems to have slowed down in the last couple of years. Enjoy THANX RICH
  15. dickiebird


    Recently Hot Pepper Queen shared some of her seeds with those of us who asked for them, I asked for mostly yellow tomato and pepper seeds. When I thanked her for them she asked if I would keep her up to date on their progress. I decided to start this thread on MY WAY of seed starting in hopes of...
  16. dickiebird

    Any ideas on processing horse raddish??

    This past spring I was in a farm supply store and they had bags of horse raddish root for sale. I bought a couple of bags and planted the roots in 5 gal. buckets on my deck. They went gangbusters!!! I think you wait until after the 1st frost to harvest, but then what does any one do to make it...
  17. dickiebird

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (almost)!!!!

    Here are a couple of pics of some strawberries and rhubarb starts I purchased a while back. Picked these up at a farm store as crowns, but they had started to grow in the bags they were shipped in. I sat the strawberries in cups of water with their roots in the water and did the same with the...
  18. dickiebird

    Strawberry Purchase

    Went to the local farm store Monday and they had some of their spring bulbs in. I love elephant ears and went looking for them. Before I found them I seen asp. crowns, then rhubarb and then strawberries, oh my goodness, just boxes full of strawberry crowns. They wern't packaged like I usually...
  19. dickiebird

    Need info on plant screening?

    Not sure what they are called but I need some sort of covers to protect my strawberries from turkeys, chickens, rabbits what ever. I have seen discussion on covering crops to protect them from being eaten by who knows what!!! I have trouble every year with loss of strawberries to varmints. If...
  20. dickiebird

    I Love Strawberries!!!

    Over the weekend I searched the internet for the best strawberry prices. The best deal I could find was 100 bare root crowns of mixed variety (their choice) for $22.50, plus $9.99 shipping. Most places I checked had a ship date of 3/21/13, which is what I wanted because I was putting half of...