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  1. Wildsky

    Is it a skunk digging up my tree's?

    We just planted some little fruit tree's. Peach, pear, apricot.... For the past couple of days, something is digging down to the root area and really getting on my nerves, I don't know how much damage has been done, I keep having to cover up the roots again. I've put branches and logs etc...
  2. Wildsky

    Fruit trees near Leach fields?

    Is it a good or really bad idea to plant fruit trees in or just in front of the septic leach field?
  3. Wildsky

    My apple tree is "sprouting"

    Its way too early for the little shoots to be popping out on the apple tree. We've had some really odd weather, from -40 with windchills before christmas, and since then just like SPRING weather. Today was 61 degrees, yesterday was the same. We have some cold weather coming in again on...
  4. Wildsky


    I would love to hear how you save/preserve or freeze your potato. I would like to have some ready to bake fries in the freezer - I normally just buy those. What about long term preserving? Canning? I don't have a pressure cooker, but do plan on getting one soon - I do have a dehydrator...
  5. Wildsky

    Nebraska - zone 4

    Just wanted to start a thread for anyone in Nebraska or Zone 4 - would be nice to compare notes. :coolsun
  6. Wildsky


    What tools do you use in the garden MOST often, or which tools could you not live without (and why?) As I'm starting out - I don't want to buy things I don't need or won't use very much. And I might not know about or have seen your favorite tool..... I might NEED it and not KNOW it yet! :D...
  7. Wildsky

    My order...

    Well I ordered a bunch of stuff so I can get a veggie garden growing this year. This is what I ordered (from Sand Hill) Umpqua broccoli Early Snowball Cauliflower Fall and spring mix Yellow spanish onion Coreless Carrot Green arrow peas Sugar snap Peas Slenderette Beans Yukon Supreme Corn...
  8. Wildsky


    OK folks, where do I find what ZONE I'm in?