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    Self-seeding annuals

    I am trying to incorporate more self-seeding herbs and flowers into my gardens to reduce the annual workload. I’m looking at things like dill, cilantro, violets, ground cherries, and strawberry spinach. I typically mulch all my beds with 3-6” of grass clippings to keep weeks down (a few beds...
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    Help identifying mystery onions

    I was mowing a section of our new property for the first time and smelled something really familiar and aromatic. I stopped and looked around and found these clusters of green onions everywhere in the area, growing in little clumps. I broke off a piece and chewed on it and its spicier than a...
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    seeking pea and bean advice

    I am growing peas (Amish snap) and beans (Scarlet Runner, Christmas Lima, Golden Butter Wax, and Asparagus) for the first time ever. I've been looking them up online and such but am wondering if anyone has general (or variety-specific) advice for a first-timer. Any methods you've developed for...
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    Looking to trade for vegetable seeds

    Hi all. I hope people will see this - this area has been dead for awhile. I'm re-focusing my planting to only vegetables that both people in our two-person household will eat and work well with my short-ish growing season (110-120 days). I'm going through my seeds and I have several that don't...
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    Looking for asparagus, potatoes, onions online

    I’m looking to purchase some asparagus crowns, seed potatoes, and onion sets. Does anyone have a good online source for these? I’ve only purchased seeds online so far.
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    2019 recap & 2020 plans

    Hi all! I started my first ever garden last year, using all the history on this thread to guide me and solve issues as they arose. It was a smashing success for a first try, I was really proud of it. I wanted to share some pics! This is the raised bed I put in, about 4.5’ x 40’. Weeks of work...
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    Are these aphids?

    These are all over my tomatoes and peppers and favor the leaves of lower branches that had contact with the ground. They don’t look like what I’m used to, but some photos online look close-ish. Also an unidentified larva. Will Neem oil work to treat? I removed heavily-infested branches, but when...
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    Any idea on this pest?

    Somethings been eating the heck out of the leaves of wild violets I potted - only 2/4 pots affected. I searched leaves, stems, and dug in the dirt a bit and can't find the culprit. I'm concerned because I have iris and shamrock bulbs coming up in the same pots. The violets all over the yard...
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    When are starts ready to go outside?

    I was really excited to get the garden soil for my beds this Friday, because I want to evict this mini garden in my office and make it functional again. I haven’t been able to harden my veggies off yet, but thought I could have them ready to be transplanted by Sunday. Now that I’m looking at...
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    Please help identify these seedlings

    In the the busy shifting and planting and shuffling- these guys have no ID! Possible ideas: ground cherries, tomatoes, Missouri yellow melon, pumpkins, gills golden pippin acorn squash...I guess that’s all I can think of. Any help appreciated. I’m leaving towards ground cherry or tomato- they...
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    Squash and the yard?

    I’m looking to destroy as little of the lawn at my rental as possible and wondering if my pumpkins and watermelons can be planted in hills in the middle of my yard. Would just the roots/planting location need to be prepared? Can I just let the vines run out in the grass? I have bunnies and...
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    Looking for gooseberries and currants

    Does anyone have some some to share? I can paypal or mail shipping money. I ordered both through seed savers and neither seller had them available anymore. I was quite bummed, they were the two things I was most interested in growing this year. Husband really wants them too!
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    Bulb help needed

    hello all! I just received two types of bulbs I ordered on seed savers exchange, dahlias and daffodils. The daffodils already have green tops on them, the dahlias look a bit less advanced. Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t know they were bulbs and not seeds. My ground is still covered in snow...
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    Care to share some very general vegetable growing rules/guidelines?

    I'm trying to decide how much area I need to clear for my veggie garden. To do that I had to decide what to grow (done), buy seeds (done) and decide how many of each item to grow (my current troubles). There are just two of us here, but I'm hoping to have enough food to can/freeze/otherwise...
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    Hello All! Garden newbie in a cold place

    Hi all! I've just relocated to the twin cities, MN. I was last living in southern California for about 10 years, and Washington state before that. As a child in WA I did a lot of gardening with the family in our suburban backyard. In California, due to space restrictions and an inability to...