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  1. Tutter

    Who asked about using mint? Ice Cream!

    Here's a great idea! :D Mint
  2. Tutter

    TheEasyGarden Member Titles! **Voting Closed....Stay Tuned!**

    Good Morning! :) Do you notice anything missing from this wonderful forum? Member Titles! We're all labeled as 'Members' beneath our names, but what if we could have something more like BYC's member titles? Over on TheEasyGarden's sister site, BYC, when you first join you are a 'New Egg'. Then...
  3. Tutter

    TheEasyGarden Needs It's Own Bumper Stickers! *Come Join In*

    TheEasyGarden is in need some ideas for bumper sticker sayings, and/or the graphics to go with them. And who better to come up with them than you, the original members of BYC's blooming sister site? :happy_flower Basically, this is where we will brainstorm. It's the busy season for everyone...
  4. Tutter

    TheEasyGarden's Great Corn Experiment! *Come Join In*

    I was thinking that we could be a good test group. To see if corn is, or is not, better when the suckers are removed from the mother plants. Being that we are all growing different corn varieties, and are from different areas, it won't be a sterile scientific experiment, but those same...
  5. Tutter

    Soil For Potatoes

    I have always used my own soil for growing potatoes, which is wonderful for them, as it's sandy loam. This year I'm growing some in the big garden, (vs. my kitchen garden etc.), and some in containers. The containers ended up being larger than I think I can get soil for, without making a mess...