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  1. retiredwith4acres

    Supersweet Corn Seeds Without Nicotinoids?

    I look and shop for seeds without the pink coatings but have trouble with my mother buying them. She wants her corn supersweets and usually buys those with the coating. I am asking "do any of you have suggestions of where to buy those supersweets without nicotinoids"? That way I can cut her off...
  2. retiredwith4acres

    Not Going to Grow as Much in Garden Next Year, says my MOM!

    That was her statement last year. We had such a great garden season we would have leftovers so not to grow as much this year. Guess what! We finished planting two gardens spots this last week, twice as much as last year. Ha, Ha I guess we will have lots to give away to the needy and food bank...
  3. retiredwith4acres

    Best/Easies Grains to Raise for Chickens

    I have a small area that I am thinking about growing some grains for our chickens. I need suggestions of what to grow. I know corn, if I could get it by the racoons. What is good for protein that could be grown here in Northern Middle Tennessee? We got our chicken feed statement from last year...
  4. retiredwith4acres

    Sowed a Cover Crop

    We sowed buckwheat a week ago in part of the garden we have worked. It popped right up and seems to be doing well. I wanted buckwheat because I have read it is a great cover crop for soil building AND our honeybees will love it when it blooms. I am hoping we can work up a couple more rows when...
  5. retiredwith4acres

    Friday Will Be Sweet Potato Harvest

    We have two rows of very pretty sweet potatoes that will be dug on Friday!! We have dug a few to eat and are getting about a gallon per hill. We put out about 200 plants so I am expecting a great harvest on Friday. We will wash them and let them set in the sun for a few days before storing...
  6. retiredwith4acres

    Fall Planting

    OK, just put in a few onion sets, lettuce seeds, radish, and spinach for the fall season. Hope it isn't too early! We had prepared a couple of new raised beds so decided to try to start some things now. Our summer garden is about finished except an occasional cucumber, squash, tomato and, of...
  7. retiredwith4acres

    Uses for Raspberries?? Anyone?

    Suggestions? I just picked a half gallon raspberries and have already done 14 jars jam. Do I freeze them whole, dehydrate them for later, make fruit roll ups???? I am new to growing raspberries, as you can tell. They are not even half finished producing and we will be gone to basket weaving...
  8. retiredwith4acres

    Suggestions on Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

    We got home from haircuts and dentist visit to find a large box. I broke down and ordered a Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator. I have never preserved by dehydrating fruits and vegetables other than helping my mother as a child drying apples by using the sun. SO, I am looking for suggestions on what to...
  9. retiredwith4acres

    Raspberries and Japanese Beetles

    :pop Just wondering if anyone has good suggestions of what to do with Japanese beetles that are eating my raspberries. They are everywhere!
  10. retiredwith4acres

    Canning and Freezing Again

    Mom and I froze our first corn of the season and we made sweet pepper relish yesterday. We fenced in two growings of corn to keep the raccoons out, had a visit on Saturday night. We should get our first meal of okra today and raspberries should be ready for jam by the end of the week. Busy, busy...
  11. retiredwith4acres

    Rain Finally!

    We just got .7 inches of rain. That on a 30% chance is great! We are more than 10 inches behind this year and I have really been worried about a bad drought and it isn't even summer yet. Our pond that is five feet deep is down to 2 1/2 feet and I am worried about the survival of the fish. We...
  12. retiredwith4acres

    RIP Dear Aunt

    My dear Aunt Lucy left us yesterday. She was 93 years old and an extreme gardener! She didn't get her real wish which was to fall over dead in her garden but she got to have a garden last year and my mother made one for her this year which she strolled out to visit until she couldn't walk out...
  13. retiredwith4acres

    Fresh Raw Honey!

    Saturday afternoon my son came by to give his old mom some help. He took off the supers of honey, brushed the bees off, handed them to his mother on the screened back porch, and my work began. My DH is sick with chest cold or something with fever and feeling really bad so having my son to do the...
  14. retiredwith4acres

    Green Bean Rust

    What can we do about green bean rust? Such beautiful plants in our garden are going to be lost if we don't do something soon.
  15. retiredwith4acres

    Tonights Meal

    We had fresh green beans, cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, summer squash casserole, and some grilled chicken breast for a wonderful meal. I LOVE garden fresh meals!!! Our early corn is tasseling and forming corn, half row potatoes dug and will leave the others as long as possible, so summer is on for...
  16. retiredwith4acres

    My Garden Picture

    Here is a picture of our garden. I was told yesterday it was the prettiest around. I will have to say it is the nicest garden I have ever had. Took Mom, DH, and myself with decent weather to get it to this place. Corn is even tasseling, eating potatoes, peas, cabbage and more, and beans are...
  17. retiredwith4acres


    I have one lavender plant and it has died around the bottom on the woody part but has bloomed and looks pretty at the top. How much can I prune this bush when it finishes blooming and not kill the entire plant?
  18. retiredwith4acres

    Beautiful Garden

    Mom, DH, and I worked in the garden last night (late afternoon) and I will have to say our garden is one of the nicest around. We fertilized and added some more lime to some things. I chopped out the biggest corn for probably the last time, waist high, then put in another dozen sweet potato...
  19. retiredwith4acres

    Green Pea Advice Please

    The last two years of raising green snap peas have been a disappointment. I just got the second small meal from them today and they are already beginning to die. Small meals are fine because I like to cook them with my fresh new potatoes and it doesn't take a lot for a meal but I would like to...
  20. retiredwith4acres

    Guess What is for Supper?

    Got my first harvest in the new raised bed today. We have already eaten the Sungold tomatoes but will have the zucchini and squash for supper tonight.