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  1. jasonvivier

    Why You Should Heavily Mulch Your Garden

    Hi all, I wanted to share my recent article on the topic of mulch. #clearlyverycool Most gardeners generally misunderstand mulch. From what I’ve observed, mulch seems to be mostly used for aesthetic purposes- to keep weeds down and contribute a neatness and conformation in the front of the...
  2. jasonvivier

    For those interested in forest gardening.

    I'll be releasing part two of this series in a couple weeks. In this video series I will take you though the basics of forest garden and give you some strategies about converting your agricultural gardens into forest gardens. Please like and share if you are interested in this kind of thing.
  3. jasonvivier

    Natural Farming

    I just have to share this as we start moving into the 2015 growing season. Here is one of my favorite gardens on Youtube and it is definitely one worth watching.
  4. jasonvivier

    Plant associations - Fruit Trees

    In the woods we can see low growing ferns and herbaceous plants growing under trees. In your orchards or around your fruit trees are you utilizing any intentional plant communities or are you just pulling off the 'mulch and mow' routine?
  5. jasonvivier

    What is all of that black stuff? lol

    Judge my dirt! Thanks and grow on!
  6. jasonvivier

    Invertebrates, mycelium, and microorganisms oh my!

    Hi everyone, Soil building in action.
  7. jasonvivier

    Weeding at the Autonomous Garden (Humor)

    Handling weeds can be a challenge in any garden. But because of our thick mulch layers, weeding at the autonomous garden can be completed in a simple step. I like to call it the Buddha attack.
  8. jasonvivier

    Who will no-till/no-dig garden this year?

    Will you be tilling this? (Clearly I choose this picture for effect -sorry :) Or setting out plants in this? using no-till/no-dig methods?
  9. jasonvivier

    Companion Planting 2015

    I'm curious what you all companion plant regularly. This year I have planted Anise Hyssop with my kale. I seeded them together in the cell and to my surprise they don't seem to care. Actually the kale with the hyssop looks bigger than those without - which could just be random of course.
  10. jasonvivier


    Does anyone have any interesting sunflower pictures/varieties, past or present, growing in the garden?
  11. jasonvivier

    Hardy Kiwi Vine for those in cities and cold climates!

    Frost tolerant down to zone 3.
  12. jasonvivier

    Garden Prep 2015 - Ground Covers

    I've still got about 1/2 a foot of snow on the ground and our soil temperature is currently 22 degrees F. but I can still get a little work done for the garden. I've started mixing my edible ground cover blend, with a little alteration from last year... This blend gets sown all over the...
  13. jasonvivier

    Botanical Spotlight - Perennial Seakale

    I posted a video on my YouTube channel on the topic of Seakale for those of you interested. I'll be adding videos on this topic throughout the season so if you are interested in this plant species please subscribe to the YouTube page so you get notified when new videos come out. Feel free to...
  14. jasonvivier

    Home gardens designed like agricultural operations, What?!?!?!

    The original topic is found at Yes I am aware of farming practices. But I don't need to be; gardening like a farmer a waste of time, money, and effort. "Do you understand the differences between...
  15. jasonvivier

    Bonnie Best Tomato

    Has anyone ever grown the famous Bonnie Best Tomato? This will be my first year with this variety and I' curious if there is anything I should know about. lol
  16. jasonvivier

    Jason from NH here.

    I come from an engineering background and that stuff is easy compared to understanding the design & ecology of a living system. I'm a year round gardener in a cold climate. I expect to sell my garden with attached house in a few years to move to a place where I can garden year round outside...