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    Sweet Potatoes

    When to harvest? I planted them May 5th and they look great but not sure when to harvest them. Thanks Nancy
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    Canning potatoes

    I have red skinned and youkon gold. In my book it says to peel the potatoes. Have any of you ever canned potaotes? Do I have to peel them, we like the peelings on for potato salad and garlic and parsley potatoes. Nancy
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    Part of my Family?

    A slide show of the dogs that are part of my family. They are 6 1/2 months old now and going great with the goats. Stevie the goat is a rescue that we have had for about 4-5 years now. Nancy
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    Garden has been started

    Found at the co-op, red leaf lettuce, got it in the ground. Also found broccoli going to plant that today, also found cabbage will plant that tomorrow if it is not too wet. I would try to get it all in today but broke a bone in my foot and having to take it easy. But it's a start. Nancy
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    Sweet Corn question

    Need recomendations for yellow sweet corn that I can save seed from year after year. Thanks Nancy
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    Fall Garden Question?????

    Just wondering, those of you who do fall gardens like broccolli, cabbage, etc. Do you start from seed? If so when do you start your seed for fall planting? In a greenhouse? Or direct sow? Do you buy plants? If so where do you get the plants? I have started Kale, Spinach, Mustard, and Turnip...
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    Double stack canning

    When you do this, do you use the same amount of time as recomended for a single layer?
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    Potato question

    We dug our potatoes the other day and let them try as it was kind of wet. The question is should I wash off the dirt? or just leave it and wash it off when ready to use the potatoes? Thanks Nancy
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    Canning Corn Question

    When preparing whole corn to be canned, how in the world do you get all the sliks out????????? I probably got 98% of the sliks out, but not all. Is there a secret? if so will you please please share it with me??? Nancy
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    I found you all again

    Had to reformat my puter and lost some of the forums I normally visited. I finally got around to searching for them and found this one again. TADA. Nancy
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    Can you folks tell me for sure if this is Wisteria. It smells wonderful. I think if you click on the picture it will start a slide show. Nancy
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    Last year I saved all the green paper boxes that our strawberries came in. 2 flats, 16 little green boxes. I saved them to transplant my seedlings in. I told DH "WHY" I was saving them. Time to take my little seedlings out of their little pot and move them to a bigger pot. Went to the shed to...
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    Seeds are sprouting

    This is my cukes, ???? Only 4 of 9 have came up?? I will give them a few more days then replant the empty spaces. Waiting waiting waiting on the other seeds. I do see one zuke.
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    Veggies that do well together

    Or that cancel each other out. My daughter asked me this question and the only thing I could think of is not to grow watermellons and cukes together. I got a lot of heirloom varieties and know to keep the hot peppers away from the sweet ones. I think her question was more of is it ok to...
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    Stark Brothers

    Any of you ever ordered from there? They sure have some nice looking photos. Nancy
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    Best cucumber

    What is your favorite cucumber to grow for pickles?
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    Pinetree Garden Seeds

    I got my catalog the other and it seems to have everything I wanted to order. Has anyone on here ever ordered from them and if so were you happy with the results. Nancy
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    My Garlic

    It is up, bout 2-3 inches, hiphiphurray!
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    Lima Beans

    Does anyone here grow them, if so what kind? are they hybrids? are they easy to grow? I had the first ones yesterday at a friends house and they were great! (Only ever had the store canned ones and they are yucky) The ones my friends grows are hybrids and he says not that easy to grow. Any...
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    Advice on Blueberry plants

    Where to plant them for best production? What kind to get? Any advice would be appreciated. I had my first ever FRESH PICKED ones this summer and thought they were fantastic. So will be getting some plants soon.