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    Hey there, Has anyone had good success with germinating Rosemary seeds? If so, how did you do it? This is one I really haven't attempted past my first few failed efforts. I'd love to be able to grow these from seed!
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    Please add?

    I would like to request an herb section be added. I have been jogging back and forth, but my question about Rosemary really does not "fit" in vegetables and fruits or trees and shrubs. Though I guess Rosemary is easily used as a shrub, I like to use mine for culinary purposes, not landscaping...
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    Offering Rhododendrons

    3 knee high plants, no idea what color they are. They need to go as they are toxic to the animals I'll be getting soon. Willamette Valley, Oregon - can deliver south to Eugene, east to Lebanon, west to Alsea, north as far as Salem.
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    Looking for Quinoa and other non traditional grains

    I have a rainbow quinoa from Gathering Together here in Oregon, but I'd like to try some other types from around the country and non traditional grains and pseudo grains if anyone has any!
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    Mosquito Hawks

    I am getting lots of questions about this on my school site and thought I'd just post my ditty here as well :D Alot of people do not realize that what they are calling Mosquito Hawks are not actually mosquito eaters at all. True "mosquito hawks" are dragon flies. Dragon flies do eat a variety of...
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    Finally, Home Depot does composting right!

    Home Depot in some areas are now offering a large recycled wine barrel that has been made into a rollable composter. The 'roller' is actually a flat pot mover with wheels placed upside down. The wine barrel is placed on the wheels and even my 7 year old can turn it with no problem. There are...