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  1. MatthewsHomestead

    Purple banana peppers.... What the heck?

    So banana peppers are a fav of mine on all sorts of sandwiches. This year I decided to grow and can some of my own. My four plants have been doing so good and been very productive. The last couple days I haven't really gone out in the garden BC I've had sooooo much farm work to do. I went out...
  2. MatthewsHomestead

    Piedmont Triad of NC here to say Hello!

    So I grew up gardening next to my pop in a 25x50 garden plot, we had blueberry bushes and huge old scuppernong vines. We had peonies next to the house, a few rose bush/trees(?) And a couple dogwoods. My favorite was our birch and magnolia trees. Fast forward to present day, about 16-18years...