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  1. PlantNurse15

    Just got mini roses - HELP!

    Hey all, I just got 3 mini roses yesterday! I have never cared for roses before so I need help. I live in zone 6, temp at night is still around 32 - 35 F, and the day is in the low fifties. Where should I plant them? When should I plant them? What should I use to fertilize? Miracle gro...
  2. PlantNurse15

    Help! Frost is coming!

    Hey all, I have frost on the forecast at my place and I am wondering what I can do to save my flowers. They are blooming so well right now and I don't want to lose them! Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!
  3. PlantNurse15

    Wilting bleeding heart

    I got a small bleeding heart plant from one of my neighbors on Wednesday but now it is wilted and limp. Does anyone know how I can try to bring it back? Please help! It is one of my favorites! Thank you!
  4. PlantNurse15

    When to plant tulips?

    Hello all, I just got some tulips that are almost blooming and I am wondering if it is safe to plant them. The lowest the temperature will be at night is 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you!
  5. PlantNurse15

    Stop using LED light?

    Hey all, I have been using a LED light for my flower seedlings but now that my greenhouse is done should I only use that? For the past few weeks about half the time it has been cloudy. Also, what temperature should I keep my greenhouse at? It is about 1.5 feet by 3.5 feet. Thank you!
  6. PlantNurse15

    Seedlings outside

    Hey all, I put my seedlings in my greenhouse for the second time this morning which was sunny(the first time was mostly cloudy) and some of the seedlings wilted. :( What can I do to avoid this? I am very new to this whole greenhouse growing so could anyone help me? Thank you!
  7. PlantNurse15

    Mold or fungus?

    Hello all, My flower seedlings are in trays for starting seeds indoors and some of them have white mold or fungus growing on the dirt. Is that bad for my plants and if so what should I do to get rid of it? Thank you!
  8. PlantNurse15

    In the greenhouse at night?

    Hey all, My greenhouse is finished which is very exciting but I am wondering if I can leave my flower seedlings in there at night? The lowest it is going to get at night in the next week is 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you!
  9. PlantNurse15

    LED lights

    Hello, I planted 3 kinds of flowers in a seed tray and now a lot of them are up. I have a greenhouse almost done but until then how high should I have my 40 watt LED light from the seedlings? Thank you!
  10. PlantNurse15


    Hello all! I have had a vegetable garden for the past 5+ years and am now starting a flower garden for the first time. I can't wait to read all about it on here and I will definitely have questions!