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  1. The Happy Hen

    The Sunflower Thief!

    Let me tell the story of The Sunflower Thief. A nonfiction novella in the process of being written by me right now! Guess what? The adaptation is unrolling right in my backyard every night, too! So, here goes nothing if I can explain without sounding like a complete freak... Sunflowers are a...
  2. The Happy Hen

    Best Choices.

    Hello everybody! Looks like I have not been on here in a while. Well, I revamped my profile page and photo a bit in hopes to revive my activity. Over here at the Knickerbocker Barn things have been really busy. Albeit hopefully now that the necessities are out of the way (country life's...
  3. The Happy Hen

    Thyme After Time

    Hello There, I just joined this wonderful website today! And I wanted to see how many hits I get on who grows Thyme! So here is the official question: Who here grows Thyme? :D What do you use if for? I am hoping you can post some recipes too! I have been growing Thyme... But honestly I have...
  4. The Happy Hen

    Hello There, My Name Is Kaitlyn!

    Hello Everybody, My name is Kaitlyn! :) I just joined this website... (Finding it through Backyard Chickens). It is a wonderful website, and I can't wait to meet new people! It is a pleasure to meet everybody! Looking forward to meet some very nicefolks! Have a wonderful day! ~Kaitlyn