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    The Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

    So just in the past 7 days I have recieved 16 seed catalogs in the mail. These companies are not wasting any time getting their new 2011 catalogs out and I am loving it. They came at the perfect time since we had a couple of feet of snow dropped on us overnight and most of us were stuck in for a...
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    New Seed Company

    Well the 2011 seed catalogs have been rolling in and today I was pleasantly surprised to find a new on in my mailbox on this snowy winter day. Its called Comstock, Ferre & Company and it was an old time seed company in Connecticut that shut down a while ago and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds bought...
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    Where is HiDelight??

    I am not on here everyday because things are busy but the last few times I realized the last few times I was here that I haven't seen Heidi aka HiDelight. Her last post was in February so I am wondering where she is. Has anyone talked to her, is she okay?
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    Deciding On Onion Varieties

    I am looking to see which types of onions I want to try this year. I am thinking of Walla Walla or Alisa Craig. Anyone grow either of these anywhere or in the northeast?
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    Weather Where You Are

    Well, well well we are suppose to be getting hit hard with some snow this weekend, the first real storm of the year. I don't know if its going to be what they are claiming its going to but either way I am pretty sure we are all set here. I hadn't planned for this storm specifically but am...
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    Truck load of Woodchips

    So a friend of ours is a tree guy and he drops off all kinds of free wood for us to use for firewood. I asked him recently if he had any woodchips to spare I could use a little. So the other night I hear his truck pull in so I figure he is dropping off wood I couldn't see in the dark so I just...
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    How to fix low spots in the yard.

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but what the heck. I have been having a tough time with low spots in the yard holding alot of water after a rain and even when it drains its all muck. I trucked in alot of loam over the summer to level it off but its still retaining water. It seems...
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    Podding Radish~~Anyone Tried These?

    I was wandering around some seed websites on this cold and dreary day and I found these podding radishes. Sounds interesting, I am always trying something new just for fun as long as it doesn't take up alot of room. Has anyone ever grown these or eaten them? They look like long green beans...
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    What Are Your Plans For Your Garden This Spring

    I am sure I am not the only one who has been busy planning next years garden and landscaping projects, since we can't be out working in the yard while its under snow we can at least talk about it and share our plans. I ordered 17 trees this year, 5 already came and are in the ground the rest...
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    For All Of You Tomato Lovers

    I make homemade soap and the other day I came across a scent that made me think of some of you, tomato vine. How funny is that, you can make soaps and lotions that smell like tomato plants?! It might be good for when winter is long and cold and you are pining for the scents of your gardens. :)
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    cwhit590 Gets Creative

    I came across this thread of one of our members here. Take a look at what Caleb can do. Really incredible work. I am impressed. By the way Caleb I also have a son named Caleb. Great name, I love it!
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    Seed surprise from Hidelight Thank You.

    Well after having a stressful and hectic day running around to set up the church fair I stopped back home to get something and there was a package from Heidi. It was a welcome sight after being pulled in a million directions and everyone at church asking me for something or for me to do...
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    First snow today, putting my rear in gear to prep for winter

    We have had pouring rain at least part of the day for the past few days but after a steady pouring rain all day it has now turned to snow. We haven't had a hard frost and its snowing early here. This morning my daughter called me from school and said it was snowing there ( New Hampshire) and I...
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    My pictures

    Okay there was a thread where we discussed that my house was built in 1768 and I promised pictures. I have all of my pictures in one album on photo bucket and I am not sure how to seperate them into seperate albums to show people just specific pictures without copying links for each picture...
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    sprout your own

    I wasn't sure where to put this topic but I guess here is as good as any. Does anyone else here sprout? I wanted to sprout some beans/seeds and got the stuff to do it but then I read that you are suppose to soak them in bleach for a short time to get rid of a bacteria they carry. That turns me...
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    Ouch, My Aching Back

    Well we are just about done with all the major gardening for the year and I have the major backache to prove it. I cleaned out all the vegetable beds that were done for the year and added amendments to break down over winter. Pruned, raked and mulched. I added more loam to all the garden beds as...
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    Naked Gardening day?!

    Darn, I missed naked gardening day!! I want to get a job at this place.;)
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    My New Garden Fence

    I got a great deal on a fence today to go around my vegetable garden. I wanted a simple wooden Cape Cod style picket fence for the garden. I went to the store this afternoon and found exactly what I wanted on the display out in front of the store and it was sold in 8 foot sections for $23.00. I...
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    Ideas for Starting Seedlings

    I got this newsletter in today and thought I would share their ideas.
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    Seed Saving

    Does anyone having any good tips for saving seeds for the following year? Just wondering how everyone does it and getting ideas for the easiest way to do it. Thanks.:D