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  1. Kristie

    Cicada Wasps

    Please tell me someone knows how to get rid of them? They have swarmed my backyard ( where the kids like to play) I know they will not sting but still have become a nightmare for my 3 youngins.
  2. Kristie

    Asparagus Question!

    This is our 3rd year for our Asparagus garden, we are cutting twice a day. How long can we harvest before we leave it alone to sprout for the rest of the year? Thanks!!!
  3. Kristie

    Need landscaping ideas

    Hello all, I am looking once again for some ideas for my tree in the front yard, I have tried planting several different things here and never seem to have any luck, it gets little sun. Some in the morning and a little more in the late afternoon. We live in south Texas and it gets super hot...
  4. Kristie

    What is this critter?

    Anyone know what this little fella is?
  5. Kristie

    Organic pest spray?

    any good suggestions for pest/bug spray for vegetables? Or any tips or tricks to keep them down? Thanks :)
  6. Kristie

    My happy place!

    Hey y'all! Just wanted to show off my beds! First off let me begin by saying I'm am a novice gardener and have come to realize that the key to a successful garden is some good ol dirt!!! After a bunch of research and bugging a few people on here I think I finally have my beds ready for my...
  7. Kristie

    Uploading pics to forum?

    I am trying to add a picture to a new thread from my iPhone, not sure how to go about that... is that something I will need to do on the computer instead? Thanks!
  8. Kristie

    Preparing soil

    Hi there! Newbie gardener here. This will be my 3rd year planting a small crop. I have 4 4x8 rAised beds that are roughly 16 inches deep. Last years crop didn't do good at all. I am coming to realize there is more to gardening than just throwing dirt in a raised beds and putting seeds in...
  9. Kristie

    Hey Y'all! Hello from South Texas

    Hi there! New to the easy garden! Just bought a few things to get this years garden going! Although my gardening won't be my first priority as I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old to keep my free time gobbled up I am looking forward to fitting some "garden time aka me time" in! I have four...