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  1. thejenx

    A Van Gogh Painting Using Plants In A 1.2-Acre Field

    Wow this takes some skill, determination and knowledge of plants!
  2. thejenx

    Windmills of Holland

    Lately I see a lot of cool articles, video's, etc. about windmills. Today I came across this 3D from "meermolen de onrust" and decided I had to share this one. It's a working mill and was in operation during the capture. You can go through the entire mill and on 2 places outside...
  3. thejenx

    What kind of (fruit) trees are these?

    I came across a foundation that sells fruit trees really cheap. Only 2,5 euros per tree, delivery is 5 euros. You have to buy at least 10 trees. The trees are 3 years old. They have these available: Navajo, Discovery, Doyenne du comice, Conference, Jonagold, Cupona, Dabinette, Bellida, Gala...
  4. thejenx

    Jen's old and new Dutch garden 2019

    This is my attempt for a thread about my two gardens this year. We've bought a new house which will be further away from my mom's place, so I can't garden there every weekend. Its almost an hour's drive from the new place. I have found an allotment garden (2420 square feet) near our new house...
  5. thejenx


    We got an airfryer last year to replace our deepfryer, so after 1 year I'm glad we made the change. We use it mainly to make crispy french fries, and just discovered how to make them from potatoes. :weee Also we heat up snacks in it. You could even bake a cake in it but I'll rather use my oven...
  6. thejenx

    BBC's Autumnwatch 2018 in New England

    Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwattch are annual BBC television series which chart the fortunes of British wildlife during the changing of the seasons in the United Kingdom. The programmes are broadcast live from locations around the country in a primetime evening slot on BBC Two. It's the...
  7. thejenx

    An Assortment of Tomatoes

    My mother is having a small break with one of her sisters. They visited a deli and send me these pictures because I love tomatoes. They didn't even buy tomatoes! :lol::lol::lol: I would have had trouble choosing :barnie What a spread !
  8. thejenx

    TPS Growing potatoes from seed

    This year I'm trying to grow potatoes from TPS (True Potato Seed), it's the first time for me. Last year i've harvested the berries from my own plants to save seeds from them. They are open pollinated and so each plant is a new kind of potato. I saved seeds from Alouette, Blue de la Manche and...
  9. thejenx

    Tom tato

    I can't believe this is real. They grafted tomato plants on potato rootstalks, and it works?! I can't get my mind around it. I know they are in the same plant group but... :duc
  10. thejenx

    Hi from Holland

    Hi! My name is Jen, I live in Rotterdam but my garden is in a small town near Leiden at my mom's place. I'm into seedsaving, and actually got into gardening because a local seed saving organisation handed out free seeds. Couldn't let them go to waste ;) That was 4 years ago. I've started with...