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  1. Jared77

    Guerrilla gardening

    Anybody ever planted something on purpose somewhere that wasn't on your space/land? There is a long chain link fence that is owned by a business just up the road from us. Its an 8ft fence and its maybe 6-8ft from the road. There is some wild grape and other miscellaneous scrub growing on and...
  2. Jared77


    So I'm patiently biding my time to see if I got some bad information. Last Father's day my wife had me pick out 2 roses from the fancy pants nursery. So I picked out 2 Flowering Plum roses. They are gorgeous lavender rebloomers and have an amazing fragrance. Well I got a little antsy...
  3. Jared77

    Can't keep me down forever

    Hello from the great beyond............ Actually no I really can't say that. I haven't moved that much. Holy cannoli have I missed eveybody. I have to say @Nyboy I was very touched that you thought to send me a Christmas card. Was a great feeling to know I wasn't forgotten. So things have...
  4. Jared77

    Didn't mean to be a recluse

    It just sort of happened. My wife has been dealing with a very wicked case of ulcerative colitis. She's currently on her 2nd surgery to manage it with one more to go. The first one was mid December of last year. It's had its ups and downs. She's 2 weeks today from her most recent one. She's...
  5. Jared77

    Would like your opinion please on a gift for my wife

    a Mother's birthstone jewelry gift. Given how her health has been we're counting our blessings with the 3 that we have. So was kicking around a couple of ideas and wanted to bounce this around to see what you think. At first I did the 3 kids stones which is what is pictured here. Feb...
  6. Jared77

    Intentionally growing black cherry trees anybody?

    I love the fruit. Black cherry yogurt, ice cream, jelly/jam, in cobbler doesn't matter. Ducks post on her cherry tree has my wheels turning. Michigan produces TONS cherries but I'm really struggling to find anything on black cherries. I know they can be a weed tree wondering if there is...
  7. Jared77

    Totally blank slate need ideas....picture heavy

    So finally have taken the steps to improve things here. Ripped out the front row of retaining wall blocks since they were not doing anything but make it difficult to mow. Seriously 1 row of blocks won't do anything. Blocks crumbled so recycled them into the gravel driveway. Also tore out the...
  8. Jared77

    Birthday meal planning suggestions,

    So planning dinner for my FIL's birthday. Doing prime rib, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and salad of some kind. Was thinking of doing something extra.....something to give the meal that extra little twist. I thought of adding a pickled vegetable, pickled asparagus comes to mind. So...
  9. Jared77

    Canning recipes x2 winners

    I made both of these and have sampled both of them. They came out great and I figured I should share them. The first was apple scrap jelly. Started peeling apples for baby food and saved the cores and peels for this...
  10. Jared77

    Cultivating suckers

    Anybody done/do it? We lost our Cleveland Pear to an ice storm a while back. Well at the stump and about a foot away it's throwing up some suckers. I wasn't sure how reliable they would be go try to nurture and let develop? The ones on the stump I'm not crazy about because they are at an...
  11. Jared77

    Anybody have experience growing

    Florentine Beauty tomatoes? Saw them online and went "hmmmmm" And is it bad I'm looking at 2016 already? This year I gave up early. Tried to do too much and my garden shows it BIG time.
  12. Jared77

    Strawberry campaign 2015

    We picked 90lbs of berries in about 6 hours. Not bad considering we had a 7 year old, a 2 year old, and a 7 week old. Yes was over 2 days. Hope everybody else got a good batch too. Mind you thus was at our favorite u pick. They have 25 acres of just strawberries.
  13. Jared77

    A good start....picture HEAVY

    So it all started out with this. You may remember the watering can I got from TSC in another thread? Well I decided to drill holes in it and plant it for Mother's Day. My younger daughter picked out the color of petunias (I gave her a bunch of choices I think she did good for 23 months old :D )...
  14. Jared77

    Blauhide beans

    This is my other "little adventure" for this year. I like to grow something different. So I figured Id give them a try. The description was too good to pass up & Baker creek has yet to let me down. Anyway I figured why not. And of course I had to mix...
  15. Jared77

    Why I've been away with pics ;)

    Kind of got my hands full with my newborn son. On May 4th we welcomed Gabriel Lloyd to the family. 6lbs 2oz born 3 weeks early. He's home and doing great. His 2 older sisters adore him. My oldest told us all along "I want a sister and a brother, in that order!" Well apparently she has some...
  16. Jared77

    Spring in my basement

    Yes I managed to get all 3 of my roses....and yes they are all growing in the basement. Broadway, Blue a Girl & Yellow Rose of Texas. This picture is a couple days old already.....should be a real pretty year here!!!
  17. Jared77

    How to plant this...?

    Torn between filling with dirt or filling with gravel & just leaving the plants potted. Was going to keep it simple with million bells this year to start. Yes it's galvanized but for $12 @ TSC I couldn't pass it up. Should age well. I used this angle so everybody could see the opening...
  18. Jared77

    Dang you Tractor Supply

    Yep they got me. Bought 2 roses, a Texas yellow (DW is a big fan of yellow roses so was a no brainer) and Blue Girl. Couldn't pass them up at $7 a piece. Yes thanks a lot you got me. So mow they are in the basement waiting for a good thaw and I'm looking at possible locations. Of course I...
  19. Jared77

    Number of fruit trees needed?

    Been thinking about planting some apple trees. I know that I need different varieties to pollinate but do I need an even number of trees? Was looking at a list of pollinators and given the area was thinking of planting 3 different varieties that are all capable of pollinating each other with...
  20. Jared77

    Design ideas needed please

    Ok so I thought to post this now so I can hopefully order things (if I need to) before the big rush. So here's what I'm designing around It's my well head cover. It's a pseudo-rock. High density polymer that's staked to the ground to cover up a big ugly PVC white well head. I'm kicking...