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  1. lcertuche

    New house, new garden.

    Well we finally got moved from that rat infested place. We didn't even keep our sofa and loveseat for fear we would bring along a hitchhiker but took them to the dumping station. Our house here has a large backyard. There is a good size raised bed in the back (12x12 approximately) but it is...
  2. lcertuche

    Wasp Sting

    DH got wasp stung when he was outside. Now his hand is swollen and burning. I put some aloe with burn relief on it. I had him swallow a benadryl tablet and ice the sting. He just got a sting on his neck last week! Does anyone know something that works quick?
  3. lcertuche

    Family Reunion

    Today we are going to the lake to a family reunion (of sorts). I am meeting a couple of cousins who grew up in California. I met my aunt a couple of days ago. It is so much fun to see her. She looks like a much younger version of Mama (and me). Mama hadn't saw her since she was 2 years old. My...
  4. lcertuche

    Gardening With Pigs Like Comment
  5. lcertuche

    What are you canning?

    Well last week our church blessed the members with cases of fresh strawberries and grapes. I canned strawberry preserves and grapes for juice. I froze a lot of both strawberries and grapes. I will probably make more preserves and some grape jelly. If I can keep the Wildbunch out of the freezer...
  6. lcertuche

    You Tube Gardening

    I've been watching a lot on YouTube like canning, homesteading, and now gardening. So many beautiful gardens. Anyway it's giving me an itch to try to get something in the ground. Has anyone tried the Mittleider Method? I have tried deep layer mulch in the past with letting my chickens in the...
  7. lcertuche

    A Dogs Life

  8. lcertuche

    Gardening With Children

    Two of my sons (15 and 12 years old) are homeschooled. In the spirit of teaching my children real-life skills I've decided to let them have a 4 X 8 raised bed to try their hand at square foot gardening. I want them to connect our meals, finances, and health to our food and I think this is an...
  9. lcertuche

    Hello from Arkansas

    I'm so glad I found this site. Easy gardening is the only way I garden, lol. We recently moved back to the boonies and have room for gardening, chickens, and of course all the kids and grandkids. My teenage sons reluctantly help me in the garden.