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  1. ChickenMomma91

    New coop is finally done!

    The frame for the coop itself was free and the waterer is gonna be the cup attached to a pipe. Still brainstorming how to keep it from freezing. I was thinking a bottle filled with basically homemade sea water lol. Or I heard of a metal rod that heats up to keep birdbaths from freezing but I’d...
  2. ChickenMomma91

    It just showed up. Volunteer?

    It showed up in the garden and I didn’t plant it. Haven’t been able to keep up with the weeding so it got to this point.
  3. ChickenMomma91


    So I live not far from the Missouri River. There is a good chance that at one point my property was under the river, I have some pretty bad clay soil. When we get rain it pools on top and when the draught comes in has huge cracks that I usually have to fill with garden/potting soil from the...
  4. ChickenMomma91

    It's been so long!

    As some of you know my daughter was born in May. Well, she's not the only new addition to our lives. I also have a new blog because the old website lapsed. is in full swing with two posts a week right now and Kathleen is growing like a weed. She went from a 3lb 5oz...
  5. ChickenMomma91

    And then there was one

    My poor little Pumpkin is the only survivor of my flock. A racoon got Pepper and a weasel got Cadbury. Now Pumpkin is having a hard molt and is so lonely. DH said I cant get new chickens til we build the new coop that we’ve been trying to construct for a few months now. I would go sit with her...
  6. ChickenMomma91


    so im pretty sure I need to join garden addiction anonymous. The ones next to my leg is a pile I couldn’t get to layout for the photo. I also have two sets of flower bulbs I need to get planted. And my amazing hubby said I could buy more
  7. ChickenMomma91

    2018 ‘garden’

    The holidays are over and they started with a bang for us at Owl Nest Farm. Thanksgiving weekend we discovered that we’re expecting an owlet in midsummer. This means major construction to our two bedroom house and no big garden this summer. One I won’t have the energy and two it’s right in the...
  8. ChickenMomma91

    Need suggestions

    I’m going shopping later and I need a meatless Monday idea for supper and a few other days here and there. I’m already making a soup i got off the thread nyboy started. And we’re having tomato soup on the other meatless Monday(we plan two weeks at a time).
  9. ChickenMomma91


    For those who love the big bright marigolds i have some seed to give away or trade for heirloom tomatoes.
  10. ChickenMomma91

    Anybody want some beans??

    I have an over abundance of bean seed! They’re an outcross that I got from Russ. This year the bean skins were a deep purple that cooked to a nice dark green and when dried the seed was white. I’ll send them to whomever would like some.
  11. ChickenMomma91

    Edible cherries?!

    please tell me that I found a cherry grove at our nearest fishing spot? If it's edible cherries not the ornamental I'm coming down here with buckets when I go on stay-cation.
  12. ChickenMomma91

    What in the name of all that is holy is wrong with my corn?!?!

    Seriously! What is wrong with it?!?!
  13. ChickenMomma91

    It's in my vegetable garden

    so this strange plant has popped up amongst my out-cross beans I got from the bean party last year.
  14. ChickenMomma91

    Needing somewhere to complain

    So I'm going to challenge myself to not curse! I FREAKING HATE RAIN! It has rained for about two weeks straight now! How in the name of the Blessed Goddess am I suppose to till and place pathways in my vegetable garden if its a huge mud pit!?!? This is my first in-ground garden and I'm not very...
  15. ChickenMomma91

    I know this may sound weird

    As some of you know, I've started a blog. It doesn't get much traffic but I've got some good posts in there. I post it to twitter when I have a post up or I'm trying to drum up more readers and it gets shared to my Facebook. Majority of my readers are facebookers that click the link and stay for...
  16. ChickenMomma91

    HELP! I can't pick the lettuce seeds I want to order!

    I tried asking my amazing hubby which ones looked yummy and he gave the the 'uh I don't know' look :barnie so I'm gonna ask y'all which ones would be yummiest. I have pictures of each variety listed, i'm wanting to grow a loose leaf and a romaine to balance out the kale that I still need to...
  17. ChickenMomma91

    Garlic in 6a

    so I'm looking for a soft neck variety to grow here in Missouri. I generally order through Territorial Seed Company, the new seed catalog came in today and I'm having trouble choosing. They don't list a zone preference for the varieties.
  18. ChickenMomma91

    Something new

    alright some of yall who have seen me on SS know that I got a laptop as an early yule gift. well that led to more interwebs time and I started a blog! at the moment my garden hasn't had a feature but once my garden plan is finished I'll be starting up a post all about it and what I've learned...
  19. ChickenMomma91

    New to composting.... sort of

    The past few years I've tried composting in a 55 gallon plastic barrel. It didn't work out very well, it was hard to stir and got kinda yucky in the bottom. Things decomposed quite well but you had to tend it every couple of days. So I finally scrapped it at the end of this past season, I dumped...
  20. ChickenMomma91

    Aloe vera

    so my gorgeous and getting bigger aloe is kinda needing a new pot but idk what type to get. Also I'd like to propagate and give my mother one for her kitchen window. A leaf popped off while dusting, can I use it to make mom a plant?