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    Shrub ID help

    Can anyone help me ID this bush? Is it a massive weedy bush or something I should keep?
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    I'm moving and need shade flowers

    Hello everyone. It's been a while. I'm moving in September to an adorable little house back in the woods. I've lived in the middle of an open field for the past 7 years. All of my landscaping is for full sun. Now I'll be needing part- to full-shade landscaping plants/flowers. I attached a...
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    Any quail keepers?

    Hello all. Its been a long time since I've visited EG. I still have chickens and rabbits. I recently had to replace all of my breeding stock of rabbits. My Californian does were not receptive to breeding. I used my experienced buck, a new inexperienced buck, and I took does to a friend's...
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    What kind of squash?

    What kind of squash is this? Its a volunteer from my compost heap. This is the first fruit
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    Hens are on strike

    I have 20 hens and 2 roosters. I am getting maybe 8 eggs a day. Usually less. They are about a year old. Is it time for them to molt? They have a full feeder 24/7, 2 full waterers 24/7 and recently I have let them have access out of their normal fenced run into another smaller attached...
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    New chicks and baby bunnies!

    This was my first experience hatching eggs. It was a very good experience and I already have another batch in the bator.
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    Chicken Swap, Dinwiddie, VA

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time. I am very excited to announce that we will be having a chicken swap at the Dinwiddie Tractor Supply on Sunday March 16th from 1-4. Nothing larger than a goat. All animals must have food, water, and adequate shelter.
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    meat grinders

    I am researching meat grinders before I purchase one. I am looking for a manual grinder since I really just have bad luck with small electric appliances. I have looked at Wal-Mart, bass pro, and amazon and I am finding that every single grinder has extremely mixed reviews (1 star reviews to 5...
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    First egg!!

    Seems like it's been forever since I first got my little fluffy chicks and today I finally got my first egg.
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    Crabbet Arabian horse show *pictures*

    I saw a flier about a month ago at the local feed store about this horse show. As an avid Arabian lover I had to go. I marked my calendar and made the drive to a neighboring county. I got there about 30 minutes after the show had started. This lovely young mare was in the ring. As the...
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    Puppies will be here soon!!

    Here are some pictures of mom and dad. They are both Cane Corsos (Italian Mastiffs) Kara Please excuse the lesser quality picture here, I was using my cell phone. This picture was taken yesterday. She is due today. Vito
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    duplicate post

    duplicate post
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    Pictures from this morning

    It is a beautiful morning at Stony's farm! It almost like fall (mid 60s). I went outside to just check on everyone and saw that my morning glories are finally blooming!! And I have a ton of blooms on my birdhouse gourds and the sunflowers are gorgeous!! Of course the guineas had to come see what...
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    Sweat potato question

    When to harvest? I planted them in May. It doesn't look like the vine is growing too much but I'm assuming the plant is growing underneath since it is a root crop. This is my first year growing them and I am completely clueless.
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    Anyone interested in Breyer horse models?

    Here's what I have: pilgrim rimrock misty/stormy set clydesdale foal big ben arabian mare (glossy) Thoroughbred mare quarter horse huckleberry bey (damaged ear) laying down foal roan arabian mare (classic size) limited edition copper arabian (Still in box)...
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    What in the world are these??

    They stripped this tree: I saw more "clumps" of them further back in the woods as well
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    fall/winter garden: what to plant

    I have Brussels sprouts (Catskill variety), carrots (red cored chantenay), onion (sweet Spanish yellow Utah jumbo variety), and lettuce (mesclun gourmet greens mixture). All of these are seeds. I know I can start the Brussels sprouts but can I start the others?
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    English saddle for sale

    16" seat, wide tree Henri De Rivel saddle for sale Jointed irons, leathers, cover, and saddle bag come with the saddle $400 obo This saddle seems to fit just about any but the most narrow of horses. It is in excellent condition and has been stored indoors. Pick up in Dinwiddie, VA
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    Around the farm pictures

    Here's Fred and a 'lorp pullet in the background Guinea!! Lilly Birdhouse gourd flower George my new buff orpington rooster
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    What kind of tree is this?

    The leaf The green nuts/fruit This is the 'dried' nuts/fruit