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    Thank you for the pickle recipes !!!!!
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    Does anyone have an easy refrigerator pickle recipe for bread and butter pickles and sweet gherkin pickles thank you
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    What sweet corn do you use?

    We have planted Guadalope Gold the past two seasons.. I'm cooking our first batch tonight for supper with new potatoes, and squash all from the garden. I made meat loaf last night.. OOps also bought a container of started Silver queen and filled in with it where seed didnt come up.. Have a...
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    1st Harvest Today!

    I picked a mixing bowl almost full of blue lake bush green beans this morning.. I blanched them and froze them...
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    Name Your Heirloom Tomatoes For This Year!

    Craig It's good to see you on here.. I took a look at you site.. I'm tickled pink to see Off The Vine articles there... I have all my issues stashed somewhere.. I wish it was still in print..
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    Name Your Heirloom Tomatoes For This Year!

    Hello every one!!! My original seeds of Cherokee Chocolate came from Craig LeHoullier.. I'd have to see if I still have the original package.. I have a lot of seeds from him.. I was in Seed Savers for several years back in the 90's up until about 8 years ago.. I'm hoping to join again this fall..
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    Name Your Heirloom Tomatoes For This Year!

    Cherokee Chocolate ( sport of Cherokee Purple) Brandy Wine Roma VF Mortgage Lifter
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    Ducks & Plants

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    Ducks & Plants

    When I had my Black Bellied Whistiling Ducks last spring I moved bell pepper seedling out to finish growing.. they were about 4 inches tall maybe more... Fred ate them ... luckily I still had time to start somemore.. ' I'm hoping Fred and Louise ( both female) return sometime this year.. They...
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    Heirloom tomato question

    I like Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, to name a few.. I have tons of other heirloom varieties too.. but these are the ones I've grown lately.. This year I have Brandy Wine, Cherokee Chocolate, Mortgage Lifter, and Roma VF..
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    Draining duck pool into veg garden...good idea?

    We use the duck water in the corn, the cucumbers ( planted on fence) beans, squash, tomatoes,.. I told hubby we don't want it on the root crops... I used it last season on tomatoes , cucumbers, beans, watermelon, and cantalope.. We try to not splash it on the fruit but then just in case I was...