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  1. MotherBrugger

    National Home Gardening Club

    Is this just a scam or is it worth it? I received their 'junk mail' a few days ago, and it's that club where they send you gardening tools, ferts, seeds, etc. to 'test drive' for them and offer opinion. You get to keep whatever is sent. Of course there's a fee. From what I've read, it's 20.00...
  2. MotherBrugger

    Foliar Feeding

    I mostly use a double or triple dose of Superthrive in sprayer tank when foliar feeding, and do once weekly to heavy feeders. Sometimes I add weak fert. Does anyone else foliar feed, and what do you use to do it? I do notice quite a difference when I do it routinely. :rainbow-sun
  3. MotherBrugger

    Garlic tricks anyone?

    I need some expert advice. I have tried garlic twice, and both times killed it. What am I doing wrong? I know this about me...I have a propensity to 'over' water. Or was it the soil? I did enrich but it is a sand bed base. Is there too much alkaline in soil? Can anyone help? This delicious bulb...
  4. MotherBrugger

    Excellent study pots, No building, Great Prices!

    Good morning, I just wanted to say to my gardening friends, that with the cost of things today, most of us are really on tight budgets. As some of you may already have read, my husband is building me an enclosed 'screenhouse.' In our climate, it's the only way to really know you'll have a...
  5. MotherBrugger

    Brugmansia cuttings Giveaway

    I will be trimming three or four of my brugs tomorrow morning and turning the cuttings into rootings. If anyone is interested in receiving one or two, let me know by posting here so I can keep track of the peeps interested, and email me with address when ready. All I ask for is postage. I'll let...
  6. MotherBrugger

    Cutting Tomatoes

    Evening all, I read somewhere a few months back of a guy whose tomatoes had overtaken their space, so he began cutting off/topping them. My question to those more experienced with tomatoes than I (and that would be many of you, lol) is this. Will the plant continue to produce more flower buds...
  7. MotherBrugger

    Drunk Spider mites

    Has anyone heard of using rubbing alcohol in a 1 to 2 part mix with water to get rid of mild infestation of spider mites? Does it work? I have just this problem and want to control before it gets out of hand. I can't afford 500.00 and change for the chemicals they advertise. Any one with other...
  8. MotherBrugger

    Blooms changing color on Brugmansia

    These two photos show how temps and time play a role in how brugmansia changes her colors. Who would have ever thought that the lovely tightly woven yellow flower would later open to the deep pink? PS: This is not the NOID I talked about in another post, this is Frosty Pink, back in Feb. Yellow...
  9. MotherBrugger

    Brugs, Berries and Trees

    Evening everyone, I just joined, and am in love with brugs. Currently growing sanguinea, frosty pink, pink masterpiece, emerald frost, mango crush, adeline, and some NOIDS. I've got flower buds forming on all but three, and one of the NOIDS will be opening tomorrow. I can't wait to see it in a...