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    Your Dream Garden Shed

    An Eagle Scout has offered to build a garden shed for us at the church community garden for his Eagle Scout project. This will be a from-scratch shed, not a commercially available shed. If you were designing a shed from scratch, what are some must-have details you'd include? This will be for...
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    Eating Healthy

    In order to give back the "What did you pick today?" thread, our discussion is being moved over here. **** OK fellow guilty thread stealers ;) , I brought the thread over here, but YOU need to go back to the original thread and delete your posts over there. I can't do that for ya!
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    Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

    Since we didn't have an official mulch thread, I thought I'd start one. :) What do you use to mulch around your yard/gardens? Any tips/questions/challenges/mistakes you want to share would also be great.
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    How To Tell When Garlic is Ready

    First off, I know that I did it incorrectly. I was given some homegrown garlic from some family members, but I didn't get it into the ground until February (should have been planted btw. late Oct. and early Dec.). However, knowing that it was a use it or lose it situation, I planted it anyway...
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    Darn tomato eating critters!

    It happened last year and it's happening again! I have grown veggies here for 15 years, but this past year *something* took nibbles out of nearly ever tomato as it ripened. They don't ever eat the whole thing and leave pretty much nothing untouched. I think it may be tree rats, but I'm not...
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    Marianna's Peace Tomatoes

    Anyone have experience with these? After reading up on them (and how terrific they're supposed to taste!) I decided to plant one this year. I purchased all of my plants at the same time (back in March) from the same plant sale and all of them were about the same size when purchased. By the...
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    Pickled Hot Peppers (specifically Sport Peppers)

    After a trip to Chicago this past summer, I fell in love with Chicago Dogs, which included the yummy, slightly spicy Sport Peppers. This is an ingredient I cannot purchase here, so I'm going to order Sport Pepper seeds, grow my own, and pickle enough to last me through the year. I understand...
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    Avatars - LOL

    OK, after a looooooong time belonging to both BYC and now TEG, I have finally figured out how to create an avatar. :gig It wasn't all that hard, so I have no idea what I was all psyched out about! P.S. Did you know that when you spell check "looooooong" the first word on the list is...
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    Unwanted Critters in the Veggie Garden

    What do you all do to keep unwanted critters out of your veggie garden? The church veggie garden will be organic and we want to encourage the bees to visit daily. Potential critters will be squirrels, tree rats, field mice, and birds - various small birds as well as crows and a large group of...
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    C'mon in. The water's fine!

    I love this sister site to BYC and I love that new folks are joining each and every day. When more folks join they begin posting, and we all learn more about our shared passion. So, as I type, there are 7 members and 137 lurkers at this site. If even half of you lurkers would take the plunge...
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    Sustainable Growing Project

    My church has given several of us a wonderful opportunity to plant a garden in an unused 8,000 - 10,000 sf lot on the church property. Living in So. Cal, this is a HUGE opportunity as my entire lot isn't even that large and I'm accustomed to growing on a much smaller scale. Many of us have...
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    Your Favorite Variety of Veggies

    OK, so it's kind of a broad question, but as I'm in the midst of planning my veggie garden, I thought it'd be fun to hear what varieties of veggies are your favorites, whether it be for taste, production, disease resistance, or ??? I usually grow corn, green beans, zucchini squash, pickling...
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    New Here - Wandered over from BYC!

    Ohhhh. When I saw this board mentioned over at BYC, I knew I belonged! I love to garden and have done so for years, long before I began my chicken passion. Now that I've married the two, it only makes sense that I'd follow a few of you chicken folks over here as well. :D I live in So. Cal...