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    Pest %$$#%^&*&& Black Bear

    Yea, Black Bear pulled out the passenger window of me truck ~ broke the mirror, tore out the center console ~ I wanted to **** the son of a Bearch ~ I may yet ``` Took pictures but, not easy to get the pics from the phone to this computer ~ anyway, seems like he, the bear, took the magg ~ that...
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    The official face of 2020

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    Four Monthes of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance ```
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    Some things we're right about, some we're not ```

    Years ago when Dr. Christian Bernard was about to transplant a Human Heart in South Africa ~ I said with all my wisdom: It won't work ~ how will the nerves be activated ~ how will this and that be sustained ~ Christian didn't listen to me nor to anyone who said "it could't be done" and...
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    Remember Audrey ~ I love her ```

    Remembering Audrey Hepburn
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    Goats can climb !
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    Flying Jersey
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    Use an old unused key
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    VIDEO: Pharmacist Ben Fuchs - The Two Ways Glyphosate (RoundUp)Kills
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    Hate groups riot
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    Is there an sparky in the room ```

    I have come into an: Hayward 1/2 HP 115 volt pump ~ I pulled the cap off ~ one wire is going to: Line in 1 and the other to: Line in 2 ``` Question: Am I to connect power to Line in 1, common to Line in 2 and Ground to Ground that was not connected ``` There is an A and a B that were not...
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    If you've read the Communist Manifesto ~ read this attack on Family ```

    Leftist: Let's use coronavirus to eliminate 'the family' The coronavirus crisis shows it's time to abolish the family What does the pandemic tell us about the nuclear family and private household? Sophie Lewis 24 March 2020...
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    Check this out ```
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    Have a look at this Cat ```
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    Just saw this news from Armenia ~ funny ```

    Baadrostank ~ we're ready ``` 1st person entering the country that tested positive for coronavirus
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    Cousin Kristina was chosen ```

    Weekly contributor, Miss Boston 2020 Kristina Ayanian (Photo: Hovig Papazian) WATERTOWN, Mass.—There’s a new queen in town. Weekly contributor and Burlington native Kristina Ayanian is Miss Boston 2020. “While I was getting crowned, I thought I was in a dream,” said Ayanian following Sunday...
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    The Bee Has Officially Been Declared “Most Important Living Being on the Planet”

    The Bee Has Officially Been Declared “Most Important Living Being on the Planet” By Mayukh Saha The extinction of bees would mean the end of humanity. At a meeting of the Royal Geographic Society of London, Earthwatch Institute declared bees the most invaluable species on this planet, as...
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    The 10th day of Chrstmas ~ two more day til Soorp Stnoont ~ Holy Birth ```

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