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    I'm hoping to learn some tips from folks here as this is the first time in probably five years I've dehydrated Habanero peppers and would love a better way to store them. The plants just started really putting on peppers so every few days I hope to be picking them and putting some up- the first...
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    Uses for Lemons?

    Well there's quite a few uses for them obviously! But I want to make lemonade and reduce my waste afterwards. I've got in mind to first grate for zest then juice them, but any ideas for what can I do afterwards with them? Thank you!
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    Happy Easter, TEG

    Happy Easter to you all, TEG! The storms are rolling through Alabama, but hopefully that just means some thunder and a little extra rain for the gardens! We just want to wish you a very happy Easter with your loved ones- celebrate with them as best as you can. Spend some time in your gardens and...
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    [Trade?] Need Blue Clarage

    Currently the company we order from is not accepting orders in the midst of all this virus mess, so I'm hoping to find someone who may have a stock of Blue Clarage Dent Corn seed (in need of about 100 seeds). I'm willing to trade for seeds (we have heirloom birdhouse gourd, and frozen seed for a...
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    [CLOSED- Found one!] Cremora Jar

    This may be a long shot, but I'm looking for a shorter amber/brown glass Cremora jar that looks like the pictures below. Growing up, my Grandma ALWAYS had her sugar on the table in a jar like this, and she'd scoop her spoon in it for her coffee. I have only managed to find one like it over the...
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    Merry Christmas

    Easy Garden folks, thanks so much for being here and being such a helpful community. Hoping you all have a great Holiday season and a New Year full of success and plentiful gardens!
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    Pileated Woodpecker

    Not sure if anyone knows what these beautiful birds are, but wanted to share a video I was really proud to finally get. I've been trying to get photos/videos of a Pileated Woodpecker for awhile and finally got the chance to film this male clinging to the side of a tree and looking around. Such...
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    Tackling Ticks Tackily!

    I thought I would share a tacky way we finally dealt with our ongoing problem with clusters of baby ticks. Every time we go outside, it never fails, someone is covered in them. Everyone is covered in bites- it's getting old. We've tried yard spray, using peppermint oil mixes on our skin, and of...
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    Spider Identification?

    Not necessarily a pest (at least, I am unsure) but we have a new...ermm...friend that keeps building a huge ground to tree web next to our shop. Body is around the size of a 50 cent piece and appears to be camo coloring with a bit of white on the back. I did a bit of digging into spiders from...
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    God and the Garden

    We made this sign for an upcoming arts and crafts event and I wanted to share it while bringing up a discussion if anyone would like to chime in. "FARMING keeps the family fed THE FARMER keeps the livestock fed BUT GOD keeps the soul fed" The wording just kind of came into mind a few weeks...
  11. HomesteaderWife

    ISO Heirloom Cotton Seeds?

    I would really like to swap with someone for a few heirloom cotton seeds- we want to grow some for our hummingbirds this year. I have a handful of Bloody Butcher corn seed or Birdhouse Gourd seeds, both heirlooms to trade!
  12. HomesteaderWife

    Tree Identification

    We recently had to cut down a large tree, however there were no leaves to help better identify it. But, there were some small red buds on it and I also have a picture of the stump. Could anyone please help me identify whether this is an Oak as we are thinking possibly, or something else we can...
  13. HomesteaderWife

    Yellow Jackets

    So lately we have had a HORRIBLE problem with yellow-jackets around our house. I've been popped on the leg and arm in the past week with irritating results (mild allergy I believe- alot of throbbing pain/numbness in the area for the first few hours then itchiness/heat/swelling a few days after...
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    Mystery Apple?

    My husband's great grandmother recently passed, and as we have cared for her property I've noticed a mystery Apple tree with fruit on it that appears like a ripe pear. The tree has supposedly been here since she lived here, and she once dried and canned them. However, no one has any clue as to...
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    Wild Persimmons

    I've gotten into collecting wild "common persimmons" as of last year. There are a few huge, older trees out in the woods, and many other younger trees that are not putting on fruit yet. I have them timed to be putting on rip fruit right as the garden dies off. Our wildlife absolutely love them...
  16. HomesteaderWife

    Free/Trade Gourd Seeds

    I have an older post for heirloom birdhouse gourds seeds, but found myself with an over-abundance of them and wanted to just give some away or trade for other heirlooms. There are some pictures in my older post in this forum section/exchange. Would anyone like 10 - 25 or so of the seeds? Also...
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    NestWatch - For Bird Lovers!

    I love getting emails from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, so when I heard about the NestWatch program last year I told myself I would get involved this year. It involved healthy monitoring of bird nests in your area to help give them data on the types of birds, types of nests, and information...
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    Spring A Day Photo Journal

    So I got an idea in my head awhile back, loving to take pictures all the time and preserve the beauty of things, to take photos every single day of Spring in order to capture the happenings in our life. Flowers, trees, buds, gardens, crafts, animals, and such. I have neglected to post it until...
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    Bloody Butcher Corn

    We have a large amount of heirloom Bloody Butcher seed in hand- too much for us to plant ourselves. It's a dark red dent corn. GMO free and not crossed at all. We've planted it in the past with great results- about 120 days and makes beautiful Fall table decorations or crafts. Also good for corn...
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    Welcome to Spring!

    I'm a day early here but I just couldn't wait. We are so excited for Spring to arrive, even with the threat of bad weather here for us today. I've been a bit slow here on my activity with so much going on- it's time to step back and reconnect with these great folks at TEG. :clap HAPPY SPRING...