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  1. Carol Dee

    Wishing Aftermidnight a Happy Birthday

    @aftermidnight I hope this Birthday wish finds you are having a good day. Big hugs sent your way.
  2. Carol Dee

    Happy Birthday to Sam BigDeer

    Happy Birthday @Sam BigDeer Time to celebrate you
  3. Carol Dee

    New Garden Art for me

    On a cleanup day here #1 son showed up with this, FOR ME ! :) It was found in the back of his shed after he purchased his Grandparent's home. DH remembers it belonging to his Grandparents . It has no rust holes! (Maybe because they used it for cement and it has a nice protective layer of cement...
  4. Carol Dee

    Happy Happy Birthday Marshall

    HEY, @marshallsmyth you rejoined us just in time for us to help celebrate your Birthday. YEAH! I hope you day started with some quality GARDEN time ;) Then total relaxation! Have a WONDERFUL Day.
  5. Carol Dee

    Happy Birthday Dirtmechanic

    @Dirtmechanic Hope your Birthday is a Good one and you are able to enjoy every minute of it. ANY excuse to eat cake, RIGHT ?
  6. Carol Dee

    Recipes please (Surplus cucumbers)

    O.K. we have more cucumbers than we can use. I made dill pickles a few years go. FLOP. 10 or more years ago I made sweet relish, it made a lot! And no one would eat it. :( I do not like sweet pickles. DH says make Dill Relish! Anyone have a sure fire recipe?
  7. Carol Dee

    HAppy Birthday Wishes for AMKuska

    Happy Birthday @AMKuska , Wishing you a day filled with all your favorite things.
  8. Carol Dee

    July 4th 2020

    O.K. so 2020 has been a bust so far, now no public fireworks displays in the area. (Fine by me!) Have a safe and Happy 4th no matter how you chose to celebrate.
  9. Carol Dee

    Why like it here @ TEG :)

    Aren't we all a little weird. Love 'ya. 🥰
  10. Carol Dee

    What to do with a split watering can.

    oops, I left a nice galvanized watering can out over winter. The bottom bulged and the seam around the bottom split about 2/3 of the way around. I beat it back in place then strung blue glass beads and crystal drop from the spout. Here it is in the back yard. (never mind the walnut tree the...
  11. Carol Dee

    IRIS some old some new

    I bought a blue and a back iris 2 summers ago. No bloom 1st summer as I got them in late. Then I thought they had not made it last summer. To my delight here they are today! It is amazing how velvety black the one is. :love and the blooms are LARGE at least 6 to 8 inches across. So tall , maybe...
  12. Carol Dee

    Early summer vase of blooms

    I walked the yard and neighbors fence ;) and put together this vase. The kitchen now smells lovely.
  13. Carol Dee

    When Life is Good Again : Dolly Parton
  14. Carol Dee

    Snake ALERT !

    Warning, if snakes make you week in the knees. Don't look ! Yesterday when DH was at the garden he looked over at the camper parked nearby and this bullsnake was exploring the camper door! He thinks it was about 4 foot long, I think it might have been longer.
  15. Carol Dee

    International Bee Day

    My DH Bob the Bee Man (LOL) Celebrating International Bee Day.
  16. Carol Dee

    Mother's Day 2020

    Well... Mother's Day 2020 will be a day to remember! Hope you Moms are able to find a way to enjoy the special day anyway.
  17. Carol Dee

    Collector is the Birthday Boy today!

    Happy Birthday 2020 Style. @Collector Hope you are able to enjoy it with some Thomas time ;) Even if only by FaceTime or phone. .
  18. Carol Dee

    hoodat Birthday Wishes

    @hoodat I see you last visited TEG in October. You are missed. Happy Birthday.
  19. Carol Dee

    How ya doin'

  20. Carol Dee

    Easter 2020

    Well I will wager this is an Easter none of us will forget! Sending Easter wishes and blessings from my home to yours. Stay safe, Be well.