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  1. baymule

    Cosmo spring garden 2020

    I cubed up both the purple and orange, lightly fried them in hot oil and drained the cubes. I make sweet potato casserole with orange, I section the orange, make orange zest and squeeze orange juice from the membranes after I section the orange slices out. I use brown sugar, cinnamon, a little...
  2. baymule

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    We got her in May. We now have FIVE BIG DOGS! :thI didn't set out to be a big dog collector, but it just sorta happened. :lol: Life gets really interesting around here.
  3. baymule

    New to TEG

    Welcome from Texas! Glad to have you here. You could go buy a few cool season vegetable plants to plant now. Things like cabbage, broccoli, green onions (they are usually sold in bunches) and cauliflower will grow now. Buying a few plants is a good way to get your feet in the dirt, LOL
  4. baymule

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    FINALLY! The sweet corn I planted was ready. I planted 95 seeds, almost all came up. Then I lost half of them while we were gone Labor Day weekend. Bummer. So I went to the garden to pick corn. I had lots of help from Sheba, our Anatolian pup. I dropped the tailgate on the truck, got a...
  5. baymule

    Tomatoes 2020

    You certainly have a knack for growing huge tomatoes! Mine are done. But that's ok, they produced a lot of tomatoes and i canned lots of tomato products.
  6. baymule

    The Gympie-Gympie tree

    You are too funny! Hahaha!
  7. baymule

    Cosmo spring garden 2020

    I've grown the purple ones before and they sure make a pretty casserole. I cubed up the purple and orange sweet potatoes instead of mashing them.
  8. baymule

    Planting grass seed

    I've never had horses in a pasture with walnut trees, so can't offer much on that.
  9. baymule

    How ya doin'

    There is a Guernsey dairy not far from us. Their milk is $12 a gallon. When they went up from $10 to $12, we quit going.
  10. baymule

    How ya doin'

    Thanks @Ridgerunner . He is a Hereford and Charolais cross. He is not polled, he’s been dehorned. We are looking forward to home raised beef. Until then, I’ll enjoy having him around.
  11. baymule

    How ya doin'

    We bought a tote bag of bulk Feed for our steer yesterday, 1700 pounds. They loaded it in the back of the truck and we went home. DH used a Feed scoop and filled buckets, I dumped buckets in metal trash cans. We filled 5, then a 90 gallon plastic tote can on wheels, then I refilled paper Feed...
  12. baymule

    2020 Little Easy Bean Network - An Exciting Adventure In Heirloom Beans !

    @Bluejay77 we had a late frost this year so I held off on planting some things. April can be iffy, if I plant in April it might get frosted, might not. May is safe to plant. This year, we went from winter straight to summer. I planted beans the first of June and they didn’t do well. Next year...
  13. baymule

    stocking up

    My favorite place to shop is right here on my farm. I raise the lamb, pork and chicken that we eat. Now we have a steer that will go to slaughter in March. Currently raising 45 Cornish Cross meat chickens. 15 are presold, 10 are going to the neighbor that we bought the steer from, because he fed...
  14. baymule

    Winter Squash & Pumpkins

    Tuna fish soup! Eeeeewww! LOL
  15. baymule

    Weather Where You Are

    We got 1 1/2” of rain the last couple of days from the latest storm. It’s cloudy today, supposed to have a week of sunshine.
  16. baymule

    Winter Squash & Pumpkins

    Nice! My pink banana has put on another squash, it is growing fast. Will it make it to frost? Dunno. It probably has more to fear from the sheep that will be turned out on the garden as soon as the danged corn is ready. @digitS' if I pick it before it turns tan on the rind, will it still be good?
  17. baymule

    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    My squash failed this year too, as did bush beans. I planted zucchini, yellow crookneck and yellow patty pan squash and all bloomed, fruited, then died. I tried three times. Nothing. I planted blue hubbard winter squash, they came up and died. I planted pink banana squash in the same holes, they...
  18. baymule

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    In 2017 we raised 3 hogs, 1 for us, 2 for neighbors. I had a slaughter date, but they were ready NOW and the slaughter date was 2-3 months away. The pigs were eating 50 pounds a day and it was time for them to go to freezer camp. So we did it ourselves. Here is a link, it covers from killing to...
  19. baymule

    Wishing Aftermidnight a Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday! May today and every day remind you that you are cherished and loved!
  20. baymule

    How ya doin'

    @Carol Dee I would be delighted to abdicate my Pear Peeling Throne to you! LOL LOL Apples are easy to peel, pears are hard, have weird curves and those skins are on there tight! They sure are good.