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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    Great idea we have been trying to think of other things to make with our rhubarb. BBQ sauce will be perfect.
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    Squash ID

    DW purchased a packet of seeds that was marked mixed winter squash. We got a few different varieties and We are not squash experts. Some help with identifying them and if they are ripe.
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    October Crazy-Hip Replacement

    Happy to hear it was a successful procedure, now for a speedy healing process.
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    just checking in

    That is some really great news major, I am hoping and praying for you to get 100% healed up from this.
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    just checking in

    Hope it all goes well Major. Tell the surgeon not to do a half assed job, because you don’t have much more to give up lol. Joking, only joking, let us know how it turns out.
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    Arsholooeese (Morning Light) has gone to be with the Lord

    Sorry to hear of the passing of a family member. The circle of life that brings us so many joys, also will break your heart time to time along the way. There is an old Chris LeDoux song that says “ sit tall in the saddle hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky...
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    Wow that going to make it easy to pick the peppers now.
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    This is Luke

    So sorry to hear about Luke’s passing Thistle. You have done right by him even though it increased your suffering. It is a sign of good character in my estimation.
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    Hi, Greetings from Turkey

    Welcome from Washington state, happy you joined
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    Squash History

    Interesting article, I never knew all that history with squash, but that was great read. Our winter squash and pumpkins are going to be a bust this year I’m afraid. The summer squash however is the best we have had in several seasons..
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    @baymule, I was thinking that and mentioned it to her while she was was cooking it. She just smiled and said that I best mind my manners before I get a gut ache lol.
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    Hello all!

    Welcome from Eastern Washington.
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    just checking in

    Holy crap major, get healed up soon. If you go back to work you can blame it all on gilligan for being such a royal pain in the ass.
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    DW said she picked them off the stems frozen and thawed out and the both were tedious and slow. She read about cooking the whole bunch at a time and straining out the stems and seeds, which turned out to be the best for her. She was making medicinal elderberry syrup so it worked better and many...
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    It is always a good kinda tired when you are harvesting your garden. Take some time to put your feet up and kick back. Your garden is doing so good I’m green with envy.
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    . DW bought Elderberries from a Craigslist ad last winter and that was how they came. The person had froze the whole clusters and then bagged them in clumps for sale. Not sure if it made the picking easier or not but I can find out and let you all know if you like.
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    @baymule , boy this years garden is making up for your past misfortunes, our garden started slow , slow, slow it is coming along ok, but when the mini heat wave hit some stuff bolted others started growing better. our tomatoes have not even reached the top of a 5’ cage yet and yours are off the...
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    I've just about had it!!! My poor Bluebirds!!!

    I hope your luck gets better. Have you watched the bluebird man on YouTube? Great video.
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    @baymule, I’m imagining your back yard looking like a lunar landscape lol.o_O
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    That is why I say you be you, and I will be me. I have no problem with others thoughts on the subject. I don’t want others to have hard feelings because I have different ideas about it. Like the wise words of Billy Joel “you may be right , I may be crazy”.