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  1. ninnymary


    Welcome from the SF bay area. Glad you joined. Mary
  2. ninnymary

    Just Sayin' Hi

    Welcome GottaGo from the SF bay area. I live in Alameda and we too have micro climates all over our little man made island. Fortunately they tend to be warmer ones which we need with our cool weather. Why are your raised beds so high off the ground? I know you are relocating them but even...
  3. ninnymary

    Weather Where You Are

    Steve, for now we need to keep that Pacific moisture to help with our fires. But smoke has been cleared for at least a week so maybe things are getting better or under control. Mary
  4. ninnymary

    October Crazy-Hip Replacement

    It is amazing how fast our bodies heal after a surgery. With BJ's positive attitude and good health, he's going to be up and about by Halloween! Well at least he'll be off that bed. Just make sure he doesn't overdo it and listens to his body. Occasionally I find pieces of pork fat at the...
  5. ninnymary

    From Bubbles to Butterflies (because of Covid-19)

    Welcome! A couple years ago I started a monarch habitat under my Fuyu persimmon tree. I even wrote an article for our local paper on how to start one. Planted different plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. There are a pair of hummingbirds that we see each evening zipping from...
  6. ninnymary

    October Crazy-Hip Replacement

    So glad that part is behind you. Knowing BJ he will recover in no time. Take care of both of you. Mary
  7. ninnymary

    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    Steve, are you calling me a stick-in-the-mud? I don't see myself in that way, haha. Radishes are quick and easy! They're also good in soups to add some crunch. Mary
  8. ninnymary

    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Oh Ducks, the only reason my garden is neat and tidy is because it's the size of a postage stamp! haha You've done good. Now aren't you proud of yourself? I bet that pasture looks real purdy! Mary
  9. ninnymary


    Love your analogy of the kid Carol. Mary
  10. ninnymary

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    Bay, hope the sheep didn't eat any of that weed cloth. :oops:. One picture showed a lot of sheep. How many do you have now? Mary
  11. ninnymary

    Sweet Wild Syringa

    Flowerbug, I think she was licking her chops. Mary
  12. ninnymary

    This is Luke

    I remembered pictures of you that you had posted years ago. So when I met you Kristi you looked just the same. Hope I did too! haha Mary
  13. ninnymary

    October Crazy-Hip Replacement

    Wow Bay, getting those cornish hens processed was a huge job that you got done! Good for you. Sometimes I want to be a little bird on your shoulders and spend the day watching you do everything. I love that you have such good neighbors to help each other. My good friend had a knee and hip...
  14. ninnymary

    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    That was @digitS'! Blame him. Haha, notice how I quickly ratted on you Steve? Lol Mary
  15. ninnymary

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    Haha, hadn't thought of that! I'll post a garden pic in the What did You do in the Garden thread. Mary
  16. ninnymary

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    Haha, I like the creepy comment! LOL. The large kitchen was what sold me on the house. Now you see why I don't have a single weed in my garden? :lol: Mary
  17. ninnymary

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    This is my kitchen that is never messy even after canning salsa.
  18. ninnymary

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    Finnie, I only can salsa but I don't make a mess! haha. Others here will tell you that I don't have a single weed in my garden either. Seriously! haha Mary
  19. ninnymary

    New to TEG

    Welcome from the SF bay area. This year I decided not to plant a fall garden. I am heavily composting and planting fava beans as a cover crop instead. Need to improve my soil for spring. Mary
  20. ninnymary

    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    Easy for me is having a small garden making it easy to manage. I have 1 4x10 raised bed and 2 4x4 beds and 1 4x7 bed. Since it's right outside the back door, I walk out there and see it numerous times a day. Thus being able to catch any problem early. Of course this excludes catching...