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  1. Gardening with Rabbits

    Planting grass seed

    I have an area under 2 walnut trees where the old rabbit hutch was and I want to plant grass there so that next year I can put some things out there for the kids to play with and have grass. Can I plant grass seed now or should I and what happens when the leaves fall? Should i rake the leaves...
  2. Gardening with Rabbits


    I cooked some of my garlic last night and I was wondering what nutrition is in roasted garlic and what is a serving size. A quarter of a cup. How much roasted garlic do you eat at one time and how much raw garlic do you eat at one time? I could eat about all the roasted garlic put in front of...
  3. Gardening with Rabbits

    Fruits and Vegetables

    On average how many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat in a day?
  4. Gardening with Rabbits


    When I started with the rabbits there were 5 dumped and one of them was pregnant and had 5 babies. Then, another neighbor dumped their pet rabbit named Snickers. Then, later another neighbor had a rabbit they did not want and it lived under my hutch, so I put it in when the weather got cold, and...
  5. Gardening with Rabbits

    What do you think

    I went out to work in the garden today and my neighbor I have not seen all summer comes out. He looks good and seems to feel good, smoking a cigarette, and smoke coming towards me and I smell it when he says to me he is doing better since having COVID in June. His son got it and tested positive...
  6. Gardening with Rabbits

    King David Phlox

    I have a couple of these phlox, several years old. I thought they would spread, but reading today about them, I have to dig and divide them. Does anybody know? If I do divide them when is the best time? I would like to use them as a border on the garden, which they are now, but too many...
  7. Gardening with Rabbits


    I have decided to use cardboard to cover the garden. I am going to put plastic around all four sides of the garden to kill weeds, and bury it I think and just keep around the edge. I went and looked at different areas around my yard where I have started compost bins or where I dumped piles of...
  8. Gardening with Rabbits

    I have a new granddaughter

    Her name is Isabelle Louise. She was born a little after midnight June 30. Very alert and strong healthy baby, 8 pounds 10 oz and 21 inches long.
  9. Gardening with Rabbits

    What to put in a garden box

    I have a box 10 x 4 that I usually plant lettuce and Swiss chard in. This spring I added some composted cow manure bought from Walmart. The lettuce does not look that good and I planted radishes, parsnips, carrots and turnips in a row. I have plenty of leaves but no root crops. I am pulling it...
  10. Gardening with Rabbits

    Heirloom seeds

    I thought this was really interesting. The part about the mice and their genes. Story about heirloom seeds and good soil...
  11. Gardening with Rabbits

    How 2020 is going

    I am going to really pile on compost this year. I want to have a good garden. I sure need exercise. The chiropractor treatments have made me feel almost normal again. I am going about every 2 weeks. I have absolutely NO choking or breathing problems. The falling asleep breathing problem...
  12. Gardening with Rabbits

    Sweet Pea flowers

    I am thinking of planting sweet peas this year. I saw these in Ace Hardware. Has anybody grown these or know about sweet peas? Are they hard to grow? Looks like they need cool weather.
  13. Gardening with Rabbits


    All I do is dishes. It seems I live in the kitchen. We used to have 4 people live here and now just me and DS. I have no idea how my mother washed dishes for 4 people and kept the sink empty. My mother was BLIND. I know we ate. We were not starving and all of a sudden I remembered our trash...
  14. Gardening with Rabbits

    Your face the first time watching Frosty the Snowman.

    Her favorite part. Thumpety thump thump Thumpety thump thump Look at Frosty go Thumpety thump thump Thumpety thump thump Over the hills of snow
  15. Gardening with Rabbits

    What I found this morning

    Rabbits just do not find my yard by themselves.
  16. Gardening with Rabbits

    Panic attacks

    Have you ever had a panic attack? I just went through several days of not being able to swallow right. Then, I would panic. I have no idea what was going on. I think some kind of nerve or something. Better today and going to a chiropractor. Lost 6 pounds from not eating much.
  17. Gardening with Rabbits

    Somebody is going to be a big sister

    Evelyn turned 14 months old today and we found out she is going to be a big sister!
  18. Gardening with Rabbits

    Tomato blossom end rot

    DD has 1 tomato plant and has been getting a couple tomatoes now and then but today she has a couple with blossom end rot. I don't remember how I used to treat this. When I look it up, it says to use lime and I know I did not do that. How do you treat it?
  19. Gardening with Rabbits

    Evelyn turned ONE yesterday.

    DD had a little party and invited family and friends, some with children. I watched the baby while DD got things ready and by the time people came, she was already getting tired. DB bought gifts but refused to come. He said a kids party is only for kids and women. Lol. He told DS he would be...
  20. Gardening with Rabbits

    Gardeners from Idaho and western Washington

    Have you seen the weather report for the rest of August and September? It looks like 80s and 70s. I want to plant bok choy for fall. Should I start them inside now? What about Swiss chard? I MEAN EASTERN LOL