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  1. Ben E Lou

    Wide variance in basil.

    I’m experiencing wide variance in how my basil is doing, even in some cases where the plants are right next to each other like in these two pictures. Any idea what might be causing some to thrive and others to flounder?
  2. Ben E Lou

    Little Help With My Critter Woes?

    Last year I had significant issues with groundhogs, rabbits, birds, and squirrels. A dog or cat isn't an option just yet. I'd love to hear what has worked to rid your area of critter issues. I live (barely) inside the city limits, so I can't discharge a firearm legally. Do any of the decoys...
  3. Ben E Lou

    Great deal on starter soil?

    My local Home Depot has Dr. earth planting mix for six dollars for one and a half cubic ft.³. This seems like an insanely good deal. Am I missing something? Can I use this for my seed starting?
  4. Ben E Lou

    Saving Seeds From Year To Year?

    I've read conflicting information about this. Some sources will say that germination rates and plant health both decrease dramatically if not using seeds from the current year, while others will say that it's worth saving seeds for several years. I'd love to hear the experiences of some folks...
  5. Ben E Lou

    Chronicles of a Noob Garden and Gardener

    PROLOGUE: This past spring, very much at the last minute, I decided to grow an organic garden in my back yard. It started because I was at Home Depot for some other reason, and they had a display full of seed packets for 50 cents each. That's how you get sucked in. "Only 50 cents each? Cool! I...
  6. Ben E Lou

    Noob compost brag.

    This is my first time composting. I've been doing hot piles because there are a lot of weed seeds in the green matter from my yard. We got hit with 13 inches of snow this week, but my piles are still gettin' it done! (Yeah, I'm a little too excited about this. #GrownManScienceProject)
  7. Ben E Lou

    Short-term preparation for a blueberry bed?

    I've read in some places that I should allow up to a full year to get a bed ready for blueberries. However, I'd prefer not to wait that long to get 'em in the ground. I'd like to plant them roughly 2 months from now, in mid-February, so here's what I've done and plan to do. Sent soil to...
  8. Ben E Lou

    Hello From A New Member In Greensboro, NC

    Greetings! My name is Ben and this forum was just recommended to me. I started a last-minute vegetable garden last spring with six 4x4 beds for veggies, and a 100ish sq-foot area where I just threw a bunch of wildflower seeds to attract pollinators. Some things did reasonably well, while others...