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  1. NwMtGardener

    Puppy Raven has arrived

    hi all - I promised pictures of our new pup so here you go!! She is adorable...and soooo much trouble! Is a big adjustment to our lives, had to get up at 5 am this morning ...usually nothing causes me to stir before at least 7:30 on my days off!! And things are going really well as far as Lucy...
  2. NwMtGardener

    Hanging baskets done!

    Finally got around to some gardening today!! It was an expensive trip to PlantLand, about part way through, I looked in our cart and warned DH it was going to be a few bucks! He just rolled his eyes like "well, yeah, obviously!" Sorry the pics are sideways, they were upright on my pad before i...
  3. NwMtGardener

    New Project - NOT garden related.

    welllllllllll, I needed a new project like another hole in my head. New(ish) house with no gardens to speak of, a little vacation rental going on in our mother-in-law suite in our place, a 1956 Aloha camper trailer that's half renovated (but campable). DH has a vintage car restore going on with...
  4. NwMtGardener

    Today's walk

    Took a nice stroll along the river tonight, saw lots of ducks and a pair of muskrats. Lucy had a good time too!
  5. NwMtGardener

    recent travels

    Hey guys, we've been back from our most recent trip to Utah for a few days. I haven't had much time to post photos...but got a few minutes at work and here are a few of our pics! We had a fabulous time, it rained before we were there, and the desert was green, blooming. Gorgeous with all the...
  6. NwMtGardener

    torrential hail downpour today!

    Wow, we just got POUNDED by hail today. Like I have never experienced before. It came down for about 20 minutes or so, around 4:00 pm, and there are STILL drifts of hail laying outside, 6 hours later. Here's some pictures! Our driveway was a river and swirling lake at the bottom. Luckily it...
  7. NwMtGardener

    Moving sucks :)

    Ugh, this is the craziest week. Tomorrow we sign all the buying and selling documents, and today around 5 pm i discovered our lender was trying to lend us more money than we needed to borrow! "oh, i thought you wanted some extra cash?!" no lady, we want to borrow as little as possible!!! Anyway...
  8. NwMtGardener

    garden journal 2014 - seeds and seedlings in the greenhouse

    3/18/2014 Greenhouse up FINALLY!! Here are some step by step pics. Here's the before, this framework stays up year-round, the greenhouse is covered with plastic from about March to late June or July. Here's our plastic, just picked up a new box for about $40. We only ended up using about 25'...
  9. NwMtGardener

    Interesting quick bread

    Know how I rarely (never) follow recipies? I took my craftiness in the kitchen to a whole new level this morning!! I cleaned out the "catch all" cupboard, and decided i needed to use up all these various bits and pieces of things that were in there. And a quick bread was going to be my vehicle...
  10. NwMtGardener

    pics from my xc ski day

    WOW, sun was out today! Got out cross-country skiing, took some pictures to show ya'll how much snow we have. This is an average year for us. I also stopped at one of my favorite spots to watch ducks, and got some decent pics of them. Full disclosure - I'm learning to use some photo editing...
  11. NwMtGardener

    Maple syrup from baby trees!

    Smartred! This article from NPR says you dont have to wait for maples to be mature to harvest sap. Wasnt it you who was saying your grandkids would be harvesting from your sugar maples? Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  12. NwMtGardener

    some summer wildflower pics

    Now that its so easy to upload pics, I decided it would be nice to upload some from this summer. Gives me a good excuse to look back through some pictures with green in them! I think the IDs are correct, but please chime in if you see something that looks incorrect. These were taken I think in...
  13. NwMtGardener

    my 1950s dining table Christmas present...

    well, here's my Christmas present I picked out for myself! A 1950s formica and chrome dinette table, with a unique feature I've never seen before - the leaf gets tucked under the other top pieces! I love it! It fits in our little 1950s house much better than our other, giant 1970s wood table.
  14. NwMtGardener

    WHOA! our "location" takes us to our pin on the TEG map???

    Has anyone else clicked on their location and been taken to a Google map? I cant' remember if that's where I put my pin on the TEG members map...if so I was off by about, oh, 30 miles or so... That is pretty cool!
  15. NwMtGardener

    new pup

    Well our new pup Scooby has arrived! He will be a bit of a challenge, but that's okay! Since he's been living in an animal shelter since 2008, I think it may be a bit tough for him to adjust to the home life! Because he's so stiff and old, he blunders into things around the house, and got stuck...
  16. NwMtGardener


    So I'm just casually checking the forecast for the coming week... Cloudy, rainy, snowy, low 28, high 43 yadda yadda yadda ... :ep LOW OF NEGATIVE 17?!?! WHAT THE BLEEEEEEEP? I kid you not that is forecasted for next Sunday night. :hit
  17. NwMtGardener

    kitchen repainting

    Finally got the kitchen clean enough to get some pictures for you all of my newly painted and spruced up kitchen. I had a really hard time finding any pictures of BEFORE, apparently I don't have any digital pics of my 1st paint job when we moved in in 2006. I have a partial one, but it doesn't...
  18. NwMtGardener

    2013 harvest and garden pics

    OK! Thistle's post about the crickets reminded me of all the pictures I took a while back and meant to post on TEG, but never got around to! I've also been meaning to write up a post about my garden harvest this year, and some of the new things I"ve learned! Pictures first :) An overall look at...
  19. NwMtGardener

    Auctioning off my rooster kitchen cabinet knobs

    Hey, i know we have a lot of chicken lovers here, so i thought i'd post a link to my ebay auction. Our house came with these rooster knobs on the kitchen cupboards, but i don't particularly care for them. So they can be yours, all 19 of them...
  20. NwMtGardener

    Persicaria as garden mulch

    So...i had this brilliant idea a few weeks ago to use my lawnmower to chop up my yard waste this fall to put on the garden as mulch over the winter. In the past i just piled it up in a corner of my yard, but thats kind of a pain because i have a small lot in town, and the piles of decaying crap...