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  1. seedtrader-teg

    Tomato Seeds for TRADE Ananas Noire - Bicolor (Black Pineapple) & Rose De Berne - Pink & other seeds

    I have some extras of these. 20 seeds per pack. Black Pineapple, is also known as Ananas Noire. Rose De Berne, is a pink, round tomato, it seems red when very ripe, or in some lighting. Both are indeterminate. I also have some... dill "Ambrosia" Chives Rhubarb Cherry Belle...
  2. seedtrader-teg

    Dill seeds "Ambrosia" for trade

    I let my dill go to seed. I filled my seed bank jar, and still have many left over. I'm Seeking tomatoes Wisconsin 55 GOLD, and Andes Horn specifically, but will consider what you have to offer. Young Dill Plants
  3. seedtrader-teg

    4 varieties of True 2 Type Tomatoes available - 1 Amber, 2 pink & 1 orange-1 red brown cross

    The last image, is to a natural CROSS, of a brown tomato parent, and probably Early Girl parent, if someone just wants to grow to eat, and not worry about saving seeds. The brown parent, was one I originally bought off a site, and they didn't mention that it might cross. Early Girl I grew...
  4. seedtrader-teg

    Tomato seeds available - Copia & Amur Tiger & Red Russian Kale for trade or postage

    Copia & Amur Tiger tomatoes no longer available Kale is still available though. Red Russian Kale - Harvested 2014. For trade. What do you have? Via snail mail - one 50 cent stamp for all three. Postage via Paypal - 50 cents - no credit cards & not as "goods & services".