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  1. dewdropsinwv

    So this thing happened yesterday

    My daughter turned 26 yesterday. And to end the day with a bang she got married. She has been with her boyfriend for 8 years. Also they have a baby now. It was a short and sweet ceremony at our house.
  2. dewdropsinwv

    New Hens and Coons

    Well I am sad to say that I have gone from 24 hens to 18. It's all my own doing, I forgot to lock them up a few times and coons got to them. But on the other hand, I am happy to report that they have finally started laying eggs. I got the first one on Sunday afternoon. Today I got 3 regular...
  3. dewdropsinwv

    INTRODUCING: Lilith Mamie!!!!

    Well everyone, here is the newest member of our family. She arrived last night at 10:57 pm. Weighing in at 5 lbs 7.4 oz and 19 inches long. We waited all day for her arrival and got to see her after the c section for a few minutes. Mommy would not dialate and baby did not tollerate the pitocin...
  4. dewdropsinwv

    The High School Graduate!

    It's hard to believe this young lady is now a graduate. Where did the time go??? I want my baby back.
  5. dewdropsinwv

    Loosing my mind

    Well, Here is a little glimpse into my summer. Our DD is graduating High School May 17th, then we are having her graduation party, the end of June we will become grandparents again, following that we will have a small wedding ceremony on our property for the new parents. In August, our youngest...
  6. dewdropsinwv

    Survived my second semester.

    Well I have managed to live through my second semester of college. Funny thing is I don't ever remember studying this hard in High I'm doing pretty good. Only have two more semesters to go and I'll graduate next May ( god willing) with my degree in Executive Business...
  7. dewdropsinwv

    I need some tips.

    As you all know it's been a while since I have had chickens. I tried to get them out into the run for a little while earlier today. Only about 10 of the 24 would go out. What have you done to get your chicks out side for the first time.
  8. dewdropsinwv

    24 chicks

    Well I am now the proud owner of 24 baby chicks. I was told they are all pullets but I have my doubts. I guess time will tell. I will post pictures later.
  9. dewdropsinwv

    9 day teacher strike, don't think it's over.

    So teacher's in WV walked out of the school buildings on February 21 and did not go back. They gathered at the capitol every day demanding to be heard and get the raise they desreved. No raise here for them in 14 years (2004 was the last raise) Last night after all the teachers and camera's...
  10. dewdropsinwv

    Well now!!!

    Check out what I got for my anniversary next month
  11. dewdropsinwv

    7 months to empty nesters????

    OH MY GOSH!!!! My baby girl got her acceptance letter to WVU last week!!!! I don't know if I am ready for this
  12. dewdropsinwv

    Successful Surgery

    I know it's been a while since I have posted and I am very sorry. I had shoulder surgery in April and was in a sling for 3 months. You never realize how hard the small things you do everyday can be so difficult until you can not use a specific part of your body. I had Physical therapy 3 times a...
  13. dewdropsinwv

    It's a WAR!!!

    MontyJ is on the war path with the squirrels around here. They ate EVERY peach off his tree. Lets just say MontyJ is not a happy camper this season.
  14. dewdropsinwv

    Sick maple trees??

    Is anyone else experiencing their maple tree's dying??? I have 3 maple trees and they all have the same thing going on. Loosing their bark and leaves. The trees are almost bare now. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.
  15. dewdropsinwv

    Going back to College??????????

    Well since I am among the ranks of the unemployed:(, I'm not sure how they can get away with that since I'm under Dr's care right now. I'm sad that it happened but I'm ok with it. I've been considering finishing my degree in Business Administration:barnie. I have an appointment tomorrow to...
  16. dewdropsinwv

    Demolition time

    This is the begining of the long awaited demolition. This all began about 13 years ago when Monty told me we would own the properties we currently own. That sparked our dream of building our house. This is the first step in achieving that dream.
  17. dewdropsinwv

    Long absence

    Good evening everyone!!!! I hope this post finds everyone well. I appologize for the long absence, but there has been a TON of new stuff going on with us lately. First I have had to under go surgery on my shoulder to get it fixed and working again. Second, some of you may already know, but...
  18. dewdropsinwv

    Happy New Year

    I just want to let everyone know we are doing well. It's been a very busy year here in WV. MontyJ started a new job in April, it's been a little bit of an adjustment but it's going good for him. No more out of town jobs he's working 5 days a week again all that fun stuff. He is working at our...
  19. dewdropsinwv

    DD Jr year homecoming dance 2016

    Our DD and her Boyfriend at homecoming. Along with our cousin and her date
  20. dewdropsinwv

    Getting "re-aquainted".

    Sorry it's been so long since either of us have been online lately. Some things have been going on around here and it's been a busy summer for both of us. Our daughter turned 16 this year, so we had her party, it was nice. She had a great time. For her surprise her oldest sister came home for...