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  1. Kassaundra

    Gerber and African Daisies

    Has anyone in zone 7 or smaller had any success w/ either gerber or african daisies self sowing?
  2. Kassaundra

    Out of the loop, lol

    I saw this pretty plant several years ago, asked if I could pull some up and try to transplant it at my house. It was obviously some kind of wild type flower and the lady I got it from never planted it, it just showed up one year at her house. It started blooming again tonight. On BYC someone...
  3. Kassaundra

    Chix pix

    Here are a few shots of Wednesday's hatch
  4. Kassaundra

    Pics for the 1st day of spring.

    From my yard wisteria, double daffodils and a bee visitor
  5. Kassaundra

    Not effecient, but FUN

    Do you guys want to take your frustration out on squash bugs? I just discovered something cool. If you take a piece of squash leaf w/ the eggs on it, and take a piece big enough to hold w/ your fingers (or even safer a pair of tweezers) and you hold the egg side over a lighter flame they pop...
  6. Kassaundra

    Wooo Hooo I finally have Maypops!

    Looky, what's finally blooming in my yard today!!!!!
  7. Kassaundra

    Comfrey and cukes pics

    Some pics of the comfrey and cukes tonight
  8. Kassaundra

    My black and blue salvia

    This is it's third year and it is very pretty this year. The hummers have discovered it and are feasting. Let's take care of the Earth, it is the only planet we know for sure has chocolate. "Never cruel nor cowardly, never give up never give in"
  9. Kassaundra

    Hot Poop!

    All my gardening life I have heard chicken poop is way to hot to put in the garden near plants unless it has been composted or aged. Over the past couple of years I have done some limited experimenting w/o any problems. Well this year I threw caution to the wind and filled my raised beds w/...
  10. Kassaundra

    Sweet potatoes........................ GRRRRRR

    I thought I did it right this year. I put them in a 4 x 8 raised bed w/ lots of loose dirt, a soaker hose, it was a very long growing season this year. I just got in from digging them up since we are to get our first killing frost tonight, I had ONE potato, ONE and I cut that one in half w/...
  11. Kassaundra

    A Real Mystery!!!!!

    I have quite an intriguing mystery. This post is completely honest and serious, not a joke. There has been an interesting rock in my back yard path for some time. I knew it was some form of petrified wood from what I could see exposed and have been meaning to dig it the rest of the way out and...
  12. Kassaundra

    Dogs can plan (at least mine can)

    This is a true story of two of our dogs, one Bug a wise older former street (dropped) dog, and Sasha the young impetuous, gullible, jealous girl. We have a sofa they sit on, usually they share it w/o problems, but sometimes Sasha will spread all out to cover the whole sofa, leaving Bug to have...
  13. Kassaundra

    Introducing Miss Parrot

    Meet Parrot, my little single chick. She was hatched by a broody who abandoned her at hatch (only interested in sitting on eggs not in raising chicks) no other eggs hatched, so I'm raising her as a single for now. She thinks me and "blue mom" (feather dusters) are real moms. NEVER imagined I...
  14. Kassaundra

    Sweet Potato mystery?????

    I have a 4 x 8 bed of sweet potatoes. Yesterday I looked at it, it was overgrown and lush to the point of ridiculousness. It needed weeding, so I thought if the weatherman is right and it rains I'll get out today and weed it. So just now I went over to weed it and saw most of the leaves were...
  15. Kassaundra

    FEMA question

    Has anyone dealt w/ FEMA? How serious do they take use of their money? If someone spent fema grant money for a purpose other then it was granted for, but it was only a couple of thousand dollars would they pursue that or write it off? We can't ask yet and start balls rolling until he can get...
  16. Kassaundra

    Southern (HAH) summer tomato growers

    I have a question for my fellow summer hah tomato growers, mine are over growing the 5 foot high support, should I add higher support or prune them back to just over trellis high?
  17. Kassaundra

    Free self watering containers.

    Thought I would share my idea for free (upcycled) self watering seed starters or plant containers. Start w/ a plastic bottle, any size will do Cut the top off the depth you want your plant pot Take your favorite ice cream store's paper bag. (this is ness if you want ice cream) Measure...
  18. Kassaundra

    I was just threatened!

    Have a funny story that just happened. To understand you need to know both my cats are addicted to whipped cream. They know when I have coffee, they know the can by sight, they know the sound from down the street! lol Anyway Pebbles came up to me w/ a mouse, meowed at me then started walking...
  19. Kassaundra

    Underground Green Houses

    Anyone have experience w/ underground, wallipini, or pit type green houses???? I am thinking about working on one, have been doing a lot of research and am wondering for the walls for retaining and guarding against collapse they are graded out at an angle of 6 inches to a foot them ram...
  20. Kassaundra

    Crochet swap

    Hi all, I am hosting a crochet swap over on BYC, thought I'd invite any from TEG to come join that want to.