1. Beekissed

    2018 Garden Plans

    2018 Garden Plans Garden dreamin' yet? I am, even though last year's garden was the worst in our gardening history, I've gotten my second wind and have a renewed hope(that's what gardener's live on, isn't it?)for the next planting season. I've switched to hay instead of wood chips, so...
  2. Beekissed

    Insecticides~what do you use and why?

    Didn't see a thread about them in a search here, so thought I'd make one. I've never really used many insecticides on the garden or orchard, though I've been known to use sweet lime dust on taters or cukes for keeping off certain pests and I once tried a soapy water spray. Other than that...
  3. Itokuzu

    Fruit Tree fails. Help?

    I have 3 fruit trees in my back yard, plum, nectarine, and I think peach? Something continues to eat the budding fruit off the nectarine, and bugs are devouring the leaves on the plants. I have chickens that free range, and a dog, so chemicals are way out of the question. I already have cds...