1. lnsoaps

    Hello from Jacksonville, NC!

    Hi everybody! I'm Sonya. I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 1. We have been gardening for over 10 years. Or trying to We were growing in a greenhouse until Hurricane Florence hit us and took everything away. We are still living in an RV, in fact, a year and a half later. Yep...
  2. Poka_Doodle

    Poke's meat/show chicken raising thread

    So by request I'm going to have this thread about my chickens. My show chickens arrived last week, they are the beginning to a breeding/show group I will be doing. Their first show should be this fall HOPEFULLY we got 24 originally but with the latest being this afternoon 6 have gone. My meat...
  3. Poka_Doodle

    Hello from Colorado

    Hi. I'm on all of the sister sites, actually not exactly. I started on BYC and joined BYH this summer and then TSS some time ago. I've quit BYC but am staying with the other two. I'm a 4H chicken raiser that happens to help in a family garden. We plant a variety of things each year. My dad leads...
  4. Alli

    Hello from Longbourn Farm

    Hey everyone! I have used this form a few times not as a member but have loved the info I came across so I decided to join and see if I can give back a little! I have a small 5 acre hobby farm that was in pretty rough shape when we bought it. We are working to revitalize everything and I post...