1. jbosmith

    Bokashi and weeds

    Hi friends! I've never paid much attention to Bokashi and the like because a) it just seemed like an internet trend and b) I have other, easier options for my compost. Anyway, long story short, winter boredom happened I've recently started playing with Bokashi to pre-ferment food scraps. It's...
  2. Coolbreeze89

    Container soil getting compacted

    I have containers that I filled with 50/50 compost and potting soil in March. I went to transplant a couple plants that seemed a bit stunted, figuring they needed a bigger space (currently in 5-gal buckets). I found that the bottom half of the containers were completely compacted in both...
  3. JalapenosinDelco

    Best Composting Tips

    O We’ve always had compost going, but as our garden is growing we needed more! And having 6 people in our house, we’re certainly creating enough usable scraps. I had a lot of help from my step-son who was the only one of the kids into this. We collected free wooden pallets from a store...
  4. Coolbreeze89

    Container garden soil

    First time gardener this year. In anticipation, I started composting my goat/chicken/pig poo and bedding last year, so I had plenty of compost. When I filled my containers, I added compost along the bottom til about half full, then topped off with organic potting soil mix. I mixed the layers a...
  5. Michigan_Nick

    5 Gallon Bucket Composting

    Good Sunday Afternoon! So I'm a couple weeks or so into my 5 gallon bucket composting project. I believe I've done enough research to grasp the basics to composting, but would like others' opinions on a few things. I keep an empty coffee can in my fridge with fruit and veggie scraps and...