1. Usc529

    Mammoth Sunflowers

    Can someone let me know what they're using to fertilize their sunflowers. Mine are suppose to be 12ft tall and Ive been fertilizing every 2 weeks with a organic 3-2-1 blend thanks for any help
  2. Todd Ziegler

    Fertilizer math

    I have 2 fertilizers that call for 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. If I combine 10 ounces of each into a separate container ,would I need 2 tablespoons of the new mix in order to get the proper amount of each fertilizer, per gallon of water, from the new mix. Please humor me, I know it is not...
  3. Todd Ziegler

    Potato planting

    My grandmother used to dig a really deep hole for the potato and she would pour water mixed with fertilizer into the hole, put some dry dirt back in so the potatos were not sitting on the wet dirt and then cover the potato. She always had good luck with her potatos doing it this way. She used...
  4. A

    What lawn treatment goes down now?

    Looking at the Scotts site for some guidance shows that their 1st step (Crabgrass preventer and lawn food) should go down before Easter... well, I missed it... :) Haven't mowed yet this season and I really need to... but also want to get something down as we have a whole crop of "this year's...