indoor gardening

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    Interview recruitment for academic project about indoor gardening (with compensation)

    Hello, thank you for your interest in participating the interview we are hosting about indoor gardening! We are three master students from Georgia Tech, and this interview is for our master project. We want to gather information about your indoor gardening and planting experience. The interview...
  2. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Too Many Scotch Bonnets

    My three scotch bonnet plants have been producing like crazy this winter. I'm getting better production than during my summer growing!!! This year i started mixing my own soil too, so it could be the genetic line, the nutrient mix, the soil mix (which included some RO Elemental & HO White...
  3. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Aphids Have Shut Me Down

    I made the choice at the end of fall to bring a jalapeno plant in from my deck to let it keep producing while my other guys got up to speed. I literally remember looking at the plant on my deck & thinking "I probably shouldn't bring this inside, just in case", but I did it anyways. It took a...