1. 7

    Hello from the NW!

    Hello! I’m new to gardening, I had my first successful garden last year! It was so much fun. I’m looking forward to learning more techniques and the best ways of gardening!
  2. A

    Hello from Mississippi

    I am excited to be here! I love gardening, both flowers and vegetables. I live on almost 90acres and have flower beds and veggie gardens where ever there isn't an animal roaming. I am in a very rural area in east central MS. We plan to open our produce stand this year, if all goes well. I like...
  3. Megdaline

    Kia Ora from Kiwi-land!

    Kia Ora, I'm Meg. I live in New Zealand with my mother and grandmother, and we love to garden. My grandmother is the resident flower lady, while my mother loves her vegetables and I'm learning about medicinal and culinary herbs. I'm really excited to see all the ideas and inspiration in this...
  4. forestwitch

    Modern Magic

    I'm an eclectic secular wizard (or witch, as my gender is a mystery,) living in a city of trees. I'm under 20. It's nice to meet you. Please call me Liddell. I have dreams of owning lots of my own land someday- and revering in the safety of a canopy of trees, in a small house by a stream. (If...