1. Usc529

    Mammoth Sunflowers

    Can someone let me know what they're using to fertilize their sunflowers. Mine are suppose to be 12ft tall and Ive been fertilizing every 2 weeks with a organic 3-2-1 blend thanks for any help
  2. Usc529

    2019 garden Teaser

    Hey guys just thought I would record a quick tour of my garden let me know what ya think
  3. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Corn rows - tips?

    So we're going to try growing some corn this year. We've never done this before, so I'm looking to avoid any mistakes any of you might ha e previously done. One thing I have taken in: Don't plant two different varieties within close (400') proximity unless you stagger their plantings so the...
  4. journey11

    Why do sunflowers follow the sun?

    I thought this was cool. Always wondered about it!