tree care

  1. C

    Did I Kill My Pink Peppercorn Tree?

    I recently repotted a Pink Peppercorn tree in a giant pot and it hasn't been looking good ever since. Leaves keep drying up, and falling off. Is this going to keep continuing, or is this normal for repotting a tree? The soil mixture I use was a third sand, a third compost, and a third peat...
  2. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    I'm Moving and Taking my Apple Trees with Me

    My wife and I are moving. We have four children and the house with small bit of land just doesn't support what we all want [frst world problems, right?]. So we've decided to move at some point next year. Now I laughed at this but my wife brought up the fact that she'd like me to dig up our two...
  3. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Painting Your Fruit Trees

    So I have two apple trees (Lewis Incomparable & Annie Elizabeth) being delivered in the spring and in my eager anticipation am poking around to try and gain some different ideas on your fruit tree care as these will really be my first experience caring for a fruit tree. The initial planting...