Evelyn turned ONE yesterday.

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Oct 24, 2012
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DD had a little party and invited family and friends, some with children. I watched the baby while DD got things ready and by the time people came, she was already getting tired. DB bought gifts but refused to come. He said a kids party is only for kids and women. Lol. He told DS he would be the only guy there, but there were quite a few. I knew she was not going to smash the cake or eat it. DD really has not given her things like cake to eat, so she had no idea what it was. When they brought the cake with 1 candle LIT, singing happy birthday, she tried to stand up and get away from the cake. Lol. She was yawning and barely awake opening presents. Her pony from DS, DB, and me, made her smile, also a baby doll her DD picked out and her pink chair from her parents. Her daddy took her home while DD was there cleaning up and he said the baby was just crazy tired when he got home saying mama-mama-mama-mama and fell asleep. This morning she is overwhelmed looking at all the new things and went and picked up her little plastic cups she has had since born and played with them. LOL Included in pictures is DS. I do not get a lot of pictures of him.
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